Estate Donation of $409,000 Believed College’s Largest Bequest

Funds from the Sheron Huston estate will be used to establish an endowed scholarship for Cypress College students.

The Cypress College Foundation is the beneficiary of a $409,200 gift from the estate of Sheron Huston. Although we had previously been informed that a check was being sent by the Huston estate, the amount was unknown until it arrived in the Foundation Office last month.

At $409,200, this appears to be the single-largest estate donation ever made to the college. The college has received significant ongoing contributions from partners such as Forest Lawn Memorial Parks, for whom the Mortuary Science area is named, and from UnionBank, title sponsor of the Americana Awards, among many others.

The sole purpose of the Huston donation is for the money to be used exclusively for scholarships. With no further specifications made, the type of scholarship(s) awarded is up to the Foundation.

The Foundation has designated the donation as an endowment. Awards will be made each year from the earnings of the corpus, meaning that, without a future change, the funds will last for the life of the college.


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