Professor Cavin Published in Journal ‘Faith and Philosophy’

Greg Cavin

Greg Cavin

Greg Cavin and his colleague from the Philosophy Department of Skyline College, Dr. Carlos A. Colombetti, have a new article published on the philosophy of religion. The article is titled: “Evidence, Miracles, and the Existence of Jesus: Comments on Stephen Law.” It has been published in *Faith and Philosophy* (the Journal of the Society of Christian Philosophers), in the April 2014 issue.

Cavin and Colombetti counter Law’s earlier publication which asserts that it’s not possible to “know that Jesus existed because the stories in the gospels attributing miracles to Jesus ‘contaminate’ the otherwise good evidence we have for his existence given in the gospels,” Cavin said. Cavin and Colombetti “use Bayesian probability theory to show that Law’s argument is invalid and that his conclusion that we cannot know that Jesus existed is false. We conclude on Bayesian grounds that our total available evidence — including the gospels — makes it highly probable that Jesus existed.”

Cavin also noted that he and Colombetti also expressed their gratitude to their respective districts “for their support in making the research for this article possible.”

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