Great California ShakeOut on Thursday with 10 Million Participants

All members of the College community who are on campus will participate in drills at 10:16 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.

The Great California ShakeOut Drill, October 17, 2013. Cypress College annually participates in the ShakeOut.

The Great California ShakeOut Drill, October 17, 2013. Cypress College annually participates in the ShakeOut.

More than 10 million Golden State residents — a new record — are participating in the Great California ShakeOut earthquake drill on Thursday, October 16. All Cypress College employees and students will be among them, with two mandatory drills taking place on that day. The morning drill will begin at 10:16 a.m. A second drill will be held at 7:30 p.m.

Thirty Orange County colleges, universities and community college districts are registered for the 2014 ShakeOut, with a total of 226,943 participants.

Materials related to the drill are included on the Cypress College Emergency Preparation section of this site and in the October 10 edition of the @Cypress newsletter. These include instructions for viewing the synchronized drill video and talking points to be shared with students or staff in work areas at the time of the drills.

Unlike previous years, there will be no evacuations. Faculty are asked instead to play the earthquake video and to review with students the provided talking points. Managers are also expected to play the video and to review the materials with the staff and students in their areas of responsibility.

The campus will be testing multiple communication methods during the drills including: text, calling, social media (such as Facebook and Twitter), and broadcasts via radio, speaker phone, speakers, etc.

All employees on campus at the time of the drills are expected to participate in the drill exercise.

Your active participation helps the Cypress College community to be prepared for future incidents.

While no amount of preparedness can ensure a successful outcome in an emergency situation, not taking these steps almost certainly guarantees failure. Not only is emergency preparation our responsibility, but it is also mandated.

Finding the Video

Visit the campus website and click on the “ShakeOut” icon or the link on the front page or visit directly.

Playing the Video

On the drill page, you will see the heading “Live ShakeOut Broadcast” with a video box right below it. Click on the play button below the picture window.

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