‘I Can Afford College’ Highlights Wide Financial Aid Availability

The “I Can Afford College” campaign is a statewide, financial aid awareness initiative directed and managed by the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office. The campaign educates current and prospective students about the availability of financial aid at California’s community colleges – now and year-round – to help make their higher education dreams a reality.


The California Community Colleges is the largest system of higher education in the nation, with 112 colleges serving 2.1 million students per year. The colleges supply workforce training, basic skills education and prepare students for transfer to four-year colleges and universities.

Despite the large number of students receiving financial aid, there are likely even more that are eligible. Research shows that many students don’t believe they qualify for aid and therefore do not apply. Financial aid – including fee waivers, grants, scholarships, work study programs and loans – is available year-round to help students pay for fees, books, supplies and sometimes even rent. Community college students who enroll full-time may have access to more financial aid and are more likely to complete their education. All students who need assistance paying for college are encouraged to apply for financial aid.


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