@Cypress Newsletter for January 30, 2015


The January 30, 2015, @Cypress newsletter from Cypress College President Bob Simpson is now available.

This week’s headlines:

  • Dr. Simpson: ‘Students First’ Attitude Marks Great Start to Semester
    > As the break approaches, ‘please go with the knowledge of your good work and my personal appreciation.’
  • Cypress College’s Mortuary Science Program Selected in California’s First Bachelor’s Degree Pilot Program
  • Voters Approve Measure J
  • Retirement Activities Planned for Dr. Doffoney
  • Training Sessions Available in Advance of February 26 ‘Active Shooter’ Drill
  • Health Center Offers Measles Screening
  • State Budget Proposal Appears Positive
  • WiFi Access Expanded with 120 New Access Points Installed Across Campus
  • Charger Café Offers Culinary World Tour
  • Americana Awards Celebrates 40th Anniversary on Saturday, February 28 at Disneyland Hotel
  • “This Week,” “They Said It,” and “Briefly” Features
  • Plus @Cypress Bonus Material


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