Thursday’s Drills Ask Sobering Question: ‘What Would You Do?’

Active shooter drills take place Thursday, February 26 in the morning and evening; will include Cypress Police Department’s input.


What would you do if at this very moment someone walked into your room with a gun? Could you get out? Hide out? Fight back? Consider your specific environment. What are your escape routes? These will vary from room to room on campus and require preparation and awareness.

This semester’s emergency drills ask us to consider just this scenario. Drills will take place on the morning and evening of Thursday, February 26.

Get Ready

Active Shooter How to Respond” pocket card (download or view)

Verify your personal information in myGateway to facilitate emergency notifications

A shooter on campus is a frightening consideration. it requires contemplation and conversation with each of your students. In the days prior to the drills, faculty are asked to review the talking points in the attached document with students in their classes. This is done to raise consciousness about the drill scenario — an active shooter on campus. Managers are also asked to have these conversations in their areas. Again, this should be done prior to the day of the drill.

The drills, both morning and evening, will commence with an announcement to shelter in place. After practicing this response, each classroom and work area will show the video referenced in the drill information materials.

The morning drill will be observed by members of the Cypress Police Department SWAT team and patrol officers, who will be walking the buildings testing doors, observing drill participants, and answering questions.

In addition, from 8 a.m.-noon, the Regional Disaster Response Mobile Unit will be parked in front of the Theater for an open house.

As part of the drill, the College will be testing a new text-notification system. The integrated system includes all employee and student information as pulled from Banner/myGateway. In advance of the drill, everyone is encouraged to verify their contact information in the “personal information” section of myGateway.

As part of the drill, the campus will watch “Shots Fired on Campus.” This resource is produced by the Center for Personal Protection and Safety, a company known as the leader in workplace violence training and active shooter situations. Unlike previous drills, the video can be played on demand, rather than as a tightly timed broadcast.

More information is available on the drill information page.

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