Cypress P.D. Hold SWAT Exercise on Campus Today


As part of Cypress College’s ongoing partnership with the Cypress Police Department, the agency will conduct a SWAT exercise on campus today (January 21, 2016). The training provides opportunity for the officers to familiarize themselves with the College’s buildings. In turn, this facilitates a more-informed response to any incident members of the law enforcement agency attend to on the campus.

The drill will include approximately 100 uniformed officers and will be centered on the north side of campus¬† and will include the Humanities, which will be completely closed and under the Cypress Police Department’s control. Employees who work in the building have been relocated to the Fine Arts Building for the day. This includes staff of the division offices.

The drill will commence with an 11 a.m. orientation for participants in the drill, including some college employees who have volunteered for assignments.

Members of the campus community, and perhaps the immediate surrounding area, may hear noise simulating either gun fire or explosive devices. Police will use use blanks and diversionary devices, but no live ammunition will be used in the exercise.

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