Cypress College Recognizes Employees for Milestones

One of Cypress College's first students, Dr. Pat Ganer is completing 45 years as a member of the College's faculty. Here she receives a standing ovation as she arrives at the annual end-of-the-year employee-recognition ceremony.

One of Cypress College’s first students, Dr. Pat Ganer is completing 45 years as a member of the College’s faculty. Here she receives a standing ovation as she arrives at the annual end-of-the-year employee-recognition ceremony.

As the academic year comes to a close, Cypress College recognized a number of employees at its annual end-of-the-year lunch. Campus employees were honored for their commitment to Cypress College students. Employees were recognized for milestones in their employment, including years of service or their retirement.

Cypress College employees retiring in 2015-2016 are noted below, followed by those reaching milestones in their years of service.

Peggy Austin — Peggy Austin was hired as the Instruction Librarian in fall 1991. Her interest in librarianship stemmed from a passion for doing research but without actually having to write the paper. She served on the Curriculum Committee, including as chair, and most recently, as the Interim co-coordinator of Professional Development and an Academic Senate representative. Her first love has always been assisting students at the reference desk.

Walter Caloretti — Walter (Jesus) Caloretti started at Cypress College on May 3, 2004 as a Custodian. Most notably, he spent 17 years at Knott’s Berry Farm as a Janitor honing his skill prior to joining the Cypress College M & O Department. Walter’s dedication and commitment to Cypress College was appreciated.

Lulu Cayabyab — Lu Cayabyab worked in the Cypress College Physical Education Division for nearly 20 years. As a valued office manager, Lu was a critical resource for the faculty, staff, and administrators she served during her time. Lu is recognized for her contributions to the success of our Physical Education and Athletics department. She will forever be part of our championship tradition.

Marlene Akilah Courtney — Akilah Courtney is well-known within the Cypress College community for her knowledge of policy and procedure and her pleasant demeanor. She has a reputation for determination in completing her work and being helpful when others are in need. She began her career at Cypress in October of 1985 as a student-hourly employee in the Office of Instruction. Shortly thereafter she accepted a position with the Admissions and Records Office where she has remained ever since. Akilah’s attention to detail and her ability to manage processes then propelled her to a leadership position as Records Supervisor (1999) which was later retitled, Evaluator Specialist (2003).

Joan Daniels — Joan Daniels devoted 27 years as a full-time member of the English Department. Along with being an exemplary instructor with great concern about students’ acquisition of writing skills, Joan assumed different roles in maintaining the integrity and success of her department and the Language Arts Division, which included hiring and evaluating many instructors. For a number of years she also served as a Puente mentor.

Nancy Deutsch — Nancy Deutsch began teaching in the English/Reading Department in 1983. Along with serving as department coordinator for seven years, Nancy assumed many responsibilities that have greatly benefitted the college, these include serving as Academic Senate President and Staff Development Coordinator. She also helped write and coordinate one Title III and two Title V grants. In 2000, she received the Faculty Development Award, now known as the Charger Award.

Les Doak — Les Doak started at Cypress College in 1990 as an adjunct faculty in the Geography Department and became a full-time faculty member in 1998 when he was hired to teach geography courses and direct the state-approved Geographic Information Systems Program and certificates. He also created one of, if not the first, GIS certificate programs at the community college level in the U.S. Dozens of former students are now gainfully employed as a direct result of his efforts. Les also wrote and received an $800,000 GIS Access National Science Foundation grant in 1999, and he also served as United Faculty vice president and negotiator 2009-2012.

Mary Lou Ford — Mary Lou Ford worked as an instructional aide in the Computer Information Systems Lab. She was known for her cheerful interaction with students and her command of software. Organization is her forte which has kept the CIS lab running smoothly, ensuring a high level of service to students.

Joseph Gallo — Some of the Fine Arts Division’s favorite memories of Joe Galo are: his gold records proudly displayed on two walls, not pretentious, just proud; and playing his piano and composing beautiful melodies filling the office area with calm. Joe truly did feel like Cypress College was his home and music was his driving passion.

Laura Greico — Laura Greico has been part of the Cypress College family for 32 years. In that time, she has helped educate over 1,280 Radiologic Technology students. Laura worked at St. Jude Med. Center and came to Cypress College in 1984 as an adjunct faculty member in the Radiologic Technology department. In 1989 she was hired full time as the Clinical Coordinator. She was active in the California Society of Radiologic Technologist, serving as president and delegate. She also was President of the Orange District Society of RT and was active with the American Society of RT.

Phillip Grisotti — Phillip (Phil) Grisotti started with the NOCCCD at the District Maintenance Center in La Habra as a Maintenance Assistant I in the Automotive Shop in 1984. Prior to that, Phil was a weapons mechanic in the United States Air Force and he owned and operated Fullerton Muffler Service. Since Phil joined the Cypress College family in 1989 he dedicated himself to the Campus and it’s automotive and equipment repair needs.

Beverly Harrington — For 19 years, Bev Harrington touched many lives at Cypress College with her energetic personality and sensitive, compassionate, caring attitude towards Cypress College students. She began her Cypress College career in the Academic Computing department in 1996. Bev later worked in the DSS office at the end of 2013. In addition to focusing on students, Bev was a gurdian of the budget, and known to work vendors for a better price.

Roy Hurtado — Roy Hurtado started with the NOCCCD in 1975 as a Groundskeeper I at the District Maintenance Center in La Habra. Roy worked all sites with various duties ultimately becoming an Equipment Operator I. Roy made Cypress College his permanent home field in 1982 keeping the Campus Grounds and Athletic Fields in tip top shape.

Lydia Jewell — During her time at Cypress College Lydia evaluated 26,000 applications for admission to Health Science programs and has notified each applicant of the outcome. Over the years she also processed hundreds of students for nursing career mobility testing. When asked what she most enjoyed about her work she said, “Notifying applicants that they had been accepted into a health science program.” Lydia has been a strong supporter of our student worker program and has trained 1 to 2 student workers each semester.

Patricia Kishel — As instructor and department coordinator, Patti Kishel created new classes and programs to build the marketing and management departments to attract a wide variety of students. She achieved outstanding results in the area of certificate awards and made all of the Bus/CIS departments work harder to catch up with her. Patti and her husband Greg (who has also taught here) make an excellent teaching team and have co-authored many books and articles. The division and the community will miss her creative and energetic delivery of new approaches to marketing and management.

Veila Lawson — The satisfaction of counseling and mentoring her students has made a tremendous impact on Velia Lawson’s life, and she has felt honored to help the future teachers, Language Arts, and Social Sciences students attain their academic goals. She began at Cypress College in 1985, where she also contributed to the inception of the Student Success workshops for Academic & Progress Probation students, adhering to the philosophy that no college student should be left behind!

Rosalie Majid — Rosalie Majid retired after approximately 30 years as Coordinator of the Health Information Technology program at Cypress College. Rosalie is a past recipient of the California Health Information Association Educator Award for excellence in training new HIM professionals. She has been a dedicated advocate for creating awareness and fostering career pathways, beginning at the high school level. Her longstanding relationships with hospitals and healthcare partners in the Southern California area provided employment opportunities for many of her students.

Allen Mottershead — Allen Mottershead grew up in England during World War II but found his way to the United States via the University of Toronto, where he earned his bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering, and U.C. Berkeley, where he earned his master’s in the same field. He joined the faculty at Cypress College in 1969 and has taught more than 7,000 students here (and that’s a conservative estimate). He has authored two textbooks, which have been used widely and internationally, and holds a patent for a glazing maching used by Honey Baked Ham Corp. He is highly regarded as a professor who is as effective today as he was 50 years ago — something evidenced by his recent honor by EOPS as an instructor who makes a difference.

Anita Rogers — Anita Rogers started with the NOCCCD as a Senior Clerk in 1984. Anita held many positions here at Cypress College and some of the titles are as follows: Duplication Clerk, Switchboard Operator, Receptionist, and finally, Production Center Coordinator. In that last role, she produced in excess of 6 million copies per year of instructional handouts, tests, syllabi, etc.

Jesse Saldana — Jesse Saldana contributed many years to Cypress College as an adjunct CIS instructor and then as a full-time instructor after he retired from Boeing. His expertise in information technology and supervision from the aerospace industry was appreciated in the Business and CIS Division and on campus. He served on the Academic Senate for years as the division rep and was president. His leadership in the division as CIS instructor and CIS Department Coordinator was also appreciated.

David Wassenaar — Dave Wassenaar has worked in many capacities over the last 29 years: as a classroom instructor, Dean of Admissions & Records, and Dean of Business and Computer Information Systems. Under his tutelage, the Business and CIS division introduce flipped classrooms, a number of hybrid classes, and instituted computer forensics courses. Over the years, he has participated enthusiastically in a number of activities to advance Cypress College in and out of the classroom and in the community. Acknowledging his lifelong contribution, the Cypress Chamber of Commerce has selected Dave as the 2016 Man of the Year for the City of Cypress.

The following employees reached milestones in their employment at Cypress College in the current academic year.

Five Years: Russell Bacarella, Auto Technology; Mohammad Chaudhry, Library; Vivian Gaytan, Business Office; Nicole Alexandra Ledesma, Mathematics; Armando Vega, Public Safety; Sharon Webb, Language Arts Office; and Adrianne Williams-Collins, Custodial Services.

Ten Years: Terry Carpenter, Executive Vice President Office; Ly Chang, Admissions & Records; Margaret Cortez, Matriculation; Alfonso Flores, Custodial Services; Jennifer Franklin, Health Science Office; Joel Gober, Biological Sciences; Jerry Gomes, Grounds Maintenance & Repairs; Rebecca Gomez, Health Information Technology; Yongmi Han, Center for Intercultural Understand; Jeri Hernandez, Admissions & Records; Lori Hopper, Mortuary Science; Lenore Landis, Chemistry; Donny Lemos, Custodial Services; David McCament, Mortuary Science; Richard Rams, Student Support Services; Douglas Smith, Public Safety; Grace Suphamark, Photography; Jeanne Thompson, Financial Aid; Keith Vescial, Reading; and Alycia Wildman, Library.

Fifteen Years: Raul Alvarez, Foundation; Steven Auger, Disabled Student Programs & Services; Cindy Cao, Vocational Technical Office; James Carrocino, Library; Christy Davis, Admissions & Records; Daniel Fangmeyer, Building; Brian Gomber, Custodial Services; Sabah Hermiz, Custodial Services; Ian Holmes, Art Computer Graphics; James Hormel, Theatre Arts; Marcia Jeffredo, Maintenance & Operations; Ismat Kahlon, Academic Computing; Lawrence Keel, English; Erin Landry, Dance; Daniel Lind, Ethnic Studies; Abed Majdalawi, Academic Computing; Gina Marrocco, Center for Intercultural Understand; Sally McNay, Nursing; Louella Nelson, President’s Office; Mark Peterson, Music; Regina Rhymes, Sociology; David Richards, Public Safety; Luis Rivas, Custodial Services; Alison Robertson, English as a Second Language; Rebecca Rojas, Stud Act. & Spec Projects Office; Shirley Smith, Public Safety; Stephanie Spooner, Biological Sciences; Domenic Travaglia, Grounds Maintenance & Repairs; Diane Villegas, Fine Arts Office; Randa Wahbe, English; and Jennifer Wheeler, Health Science.

Twenty Years: Ron Armale, Physical Sciences; Larry Beidler, Physical Education; Linda Borla, English; Roselle Calderon-Teneza, Financial Aid; Matthew Carnes, Custodial Services; Robert Cavin, Philosophy; Lidia Coman, Auto Technology; Larry Curiel, Sociology; Steven Donley, Vocational Technical Office; Edgar Herrera, Foreign Language; Susan Johnson, Psychology; Kevin Luckey, Grounds Maintenance & Repairs; Brenda Maitlen, Switchboard; Jeanne Miller, Accounting; Alireza Moady, Computer Information Systems; Lisa Morales, Bursar’s Office; Melanie Nabahani, English; Dustin Nguyen, Admissions & Records; Paul Paiement, Art; Kathryn Sonne, English; Herman Tran, Grounds Maintenance & Repairs; and Barbara Woolner, Vice President’s Office.

Twenty-five Years: Peggy Austin, Library; Ana Cota, Physical Plant Office; Liana Koeppel, Forensics; Kathleen Kruse, Nursing; Patricia Pelachik, Data Processing; Brad Pickler, Physical Education; Cecilia Richie, Switchboard; Cynthia Shrout, Mathematics; and Kazuyo Takahashi, Foreign Language.

Thirty Years: Joseph Franks, Psychiatric Technology; Laura Greico, Radiological Technology; Robert Johnson, Photography; George Kraft, Building; Carol Lewis, History; and Eapen Peter Mathews, Political Science.

Thirty-five Years: John Alexander, Auto Technology; Carolee Freer, Court Reporting; and Mark Majarian, Dramatic Arts.

Forty Years: Angela Lippolt-Rios, Grounds Maintenance & Repairs.

Forty-five Years: Patricia Ganer, Forensics.



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