Dr. Simpson Recognized by Colleagues for 30+ Years in Community College Education

The Community College League of California recognized Cypress College President Bob Simpson for his many years of service in public higher education at this year’s CEO Symposium in Solvang Monday, February 27.

NOCCCD Chancellor Cheryl Marshall introduced Dr. Simpson at the retiree recognition event, emphasizing his positive impacts on students, faculty, staff, and administrators at the college, district, and state levels.

“Throughout his career, Bob has been steadfast in his focus on students,” she said. “He has been a tireless supporter of improving educational outcomes by ensuring opportunities for college completion by all students, especially those who begin their studies unprepared for the rigors of academic life.”

Dr. Marshall continued, “I can tell you that Bob is an incredible advocate for Cypress College and he always pursues what is best for the college. Under his leadership, Cypress College was selected as one of the 15 pilot colleges to offer a baccalaureate degree.”

Dr. Simpson, who has been at Cypress for 10 years—first as executive vice president, then as president—announced his retirement last September.

At his final opening day on Jan. 27, Dr. Simpson said, “The last ten years have been the most significant and productive of my professional life, and if I was left at the end with only my time at Cypress College, I would still consider that life to have been full and rich and rewarding.”

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