Michelle Chitica, NorCal College Tour

Cypress College Puente, Legacy, and Honors program students had the opportunity to go on a three-day Northern California college tour last Thursday, April 20 to Saturday, April 22. The trip helped to familiarize them with other colleges in the state, as well as inspire them to consider transfer colleges not just based on proximity to home. The students visited four Central and Northern California public university campuses—the University of California, Santa Barbara; San Jose State University; the University of California, Davis; and the University of California, Berkeley—and the California State Capitol on a trip that also gave them the opportunity to see and experience other parts of the state.


Michelle Chitica, Puente Program Class 21
Radiology major
Plans to transfer to Cal State Northridge after graduating from Cypress College

When I finally decided that school would be the only way I could properly care for my six children, I did my research and discovered that Cypress College was one of two other community colleges that had an ultrasound program. Being at Cypress College has been a great experience thus far; the staff and students have made me feel welcome and secure.

After Cypress, I plan to transfer to California State University, Northridge to complete my bachelor’s degree in radiology. At Cypress, being a part of the Puente Program has been a life-changing experience. I doubt I would be as confident as I am now if it had not been for the teachers and counselor in Puente. I feel more confident in my education and I have been able to experience so many different things because of the program.

This weekend’s Northern California college trip was amazing. As I visited each campus, I felt proud to be a Cypress College puentista. I felt privileged touring each campus and listening to the students and other speakers share their stories of success. During the trip, we also had a chance to stop at the State Capitol, and for the first time, I actually gave political science a thought.

Overall the experience I had on the trip was awesome. Each campus was absolutely beautiful, and I admire and appreciate the time everyone took to welcome and motivate us with their stories. More than ever, I feel compelled to continue my education and make my family proud.

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