Employees to Recognize Retiring Colleagues, Celebrate Years of Service

Cypress College faculty and staff will celebrate the end of the school year, and recognize retiring colleagues and coworkers receiving service pins at a luau in the Theater Lobby Wednesday, May 3. There are 26 employees retiring this year and 65 employees being recognized for their years of service at the College.


  • Raul Alvarez, Foundation/Community Relations
  • Karen Cant, Administrative Services
  • Nina DeMarkey, Social Sciences
  • Steven Donley, CTE/Economic Development/Grants
  • Bonnie Fast, Library
  • Pat Ganer, LA/Communications
  • David Gibson, Physical Plant / M&O
  • Carol Harvey, Health Science/Nursing
  • Robert Johnson, Fine Arts/Photography
  • Michael Kavanaugh, Systems Technology Services
  • Velia Lawson, Counseling
  • Kevin Luckey, Physical Plant / M&O
  • Barbara Marshall, LA/English
  • Agnes Martinez, Counseling
  • Debra McPherson, LA/ESL
  • Barbara Meyer, Fine Arts/Theater
  • Jeanne Miller, Business&CIS/Accounting
  • Tien Nguyen, Physical Plant / M&O
  • Mary Rothera, SEM
  • Cathy San Roman, Physical Plant / M&O
  • John Sciacca, Health Sciences
  • Robert Simpson, Administration
  • Gail Smead, SSS/CARE-CalWORKS
  • Shirley Smith, Campus Safety
  • Judith Swytak, Health Science/Nursing
  • David Wassenaar, Business/CIS

Service Recognition

Five Years  

  • Sharon Bataran, Health Center
  • Yadira Cazales, Production Center
  • Adam Eckenrode, Mathematics
  • Marla McBride, Health Center
  • Charles Rogers, Dramatic Arts
  • Ann Sheridan-Solis, Accounting
  • Nadia Wallace, Fine Arts Office
  • Marredda Williams, Nursing

Ten Years  

  • Julie Angevine, Science, Engineering & Math Office
  • Remedios Anzurez, Custodial Services
  • Blanca Atkins, Admissions & Records
  • Gloria Badal, Political Science
  • Raymond Collins, Custodial Services
  • David Dang, Biological Sciences
  • Paul De Dios, Counseling & Student Development
  • Robin De Roo, Chemistry
  • Michael Faraci, Nursing
  • Sally Frumkin, Nursing
  • Raul Garcia, Custodial Services
  • Miguel Garcia, Custodial Services
  • Ruth Gutierrez, Reading
  • Michael Klyde, Auto Technology
  • Michael Land, Academic Computing
  • Rebeca Laveaga, Transfer Center
  • Marcus Marquardt, Psychiatric Technology
  • Joseph Melodia, English
  • Fumio Ogoshi, Biological Sciences
  • William Pashaie, Library
  • Jeremy Peters, Culinary Arts
  • Larry Ramos, Auto Collision
  • Linda Redd, Admissions & Records
  • Ramon Sanchez, Custodial Services
  • Jose Sanchez Duran, Biological Sciences
  • Martin Santos, Custodial Services
  • Bryan Seiling, History
  • Robyn Udell, Biological Sciences

Fifteen Years  

  • Jennifer Coopman, Mathematics
  • Ayman Gadalla, Computer Information Systems
  • Willis Heusser, Philosophy
  • Behzad Izadi, Computer Information Systems
  • John Lambros, Forensics
  • Eunju Lee, Mathematics
  • Clifford Lester, Photography
  • Zoe Megginson, Learning Resource Center
  • Laurie Morvan, Mathematics
  • Danny Ortega, Public Safety
  • Sylvia Paek, Mathematics
  • Nancy Pound, Social Science Office
  • Jaime Ramos, Psychiatric Technology
  • Carlos Sandoval, Psychology
  • Judith Swytak, Nursing
  • Penn Wu, Computer Information Systems

Twenty Years 

  • Keith Cobb, Financial Aid Office
  • Mary Forman, English
  • Jane Jepson, Counseling Office
  • Sergio Leonardo, Grounds Maintenance & Repairs
  • John Linhares, Grounds Maintenance & Repairs
  • Daniel Pelletier, Counseling Office
  • Stuart Rosenberg, English

Twenty-five Years  

  • Dana Bedard, Matriculation
  • Joseph Vasquez, Custodial Services

Thirty Years  

  • Bonnie Fast, Library
  • Troy McKeown, Academic Computing
  • Fidel Ugarte, Grounds Maintenance & Repairs

Thirty-five Years  

  • Carole Villasenor, Counseling Office
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