Lot 5 Expansion to Facilitate New SEM Building

Update, January 17, 2018: The parking lot expansion project is underway and should be completed by June. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we move forward with the project.

To prepare for construction of our new Science, Engineering, and Math Building (scheduled for spring 2019), we are ready to proceed with the expansion of Parking Lot 5. This construction work will take place during the upcoming spring semester.

Below is the proposed layout for the Parking Lot 5 expansion. When completed, the work will provide an additional 252 spaces. This will more than offset the 200 spaces that will potentially be displaced from Parking Lot 7 during the SEM construction. Once the work is completed, the total number of stalls in Lot #5 will more than double to 453 (201 existing  plus 252 new).

Also of interest, modifications in Lot #9 have increased staff parking by 34 spaces, which are located just north of the Humanities Building and the SEM Building.

Lot 5 Expansion

The dark black parking spaces in the illustration indicate the expanded parking areas in Lot #5. The grey spaces indicate the current spaces in the area (above). The full campus map (below) is highlighted to show the project area detailed above.

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