Psychology Students to Present at CC2PhD Research Conference

Eleven Cypress College psychology students have been chosen to present research projects at the CC2PhD Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Conference at UCLA on Saturday, May 26. The conference is one of two held annually by the UCLA-based CC2PhD Association and strives to provide an accessible opportunity for community college and transfer students to engage in research and encourage pursuit of a graduate degree. It will feature presentations from more than 100 California community college and transfer students in the arts, humanities, social sciences, and STEM.

Ngoc Ngo, a Cypress College sophomore transferring to UCLA in the fall, pursued her project about the influence of language and culture on immigrant students’ relationships with their teachers as part of the 2017-2018 CC2PhD Scholars Program. Twenty-nine underrepresented community college students of color are chosen for this program every year to guide them through research and prepare them for earning a doctorate.

MURC presentations from Cypress College include:

Social Media and a New Means of Social Perception: The Number of Instagram Followers and Attractiveness by Ju Eun Shin;

Accuracy of Perception: Sexual Orientation by Madison Coryell, Faten Harb, and Nichole Graves;

Accuracy of Memory Recall and Reconstruction by Maribel Lopez and Yesenia Hernandez;

Sleep and The Impact It Has on College Student’s Ability to Learn and Retain Information by Michelle Lurence;

Parenting Style vs. Grit by Karyssa Eddy;

Ethnic differences in Generalized anxiety and depression levels: A study on African American, Asian, Hispanic, and White college students by Dianna Barahona Carrillo and Samantha Barron;

Do immigrant students’ English language proficiency and culture influence student-teacher relationships? by Ngoc Ngo.

Attendance at the conference is free and open to the public, though an RSVP is required.

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