Media Arts Design Receives Approval for its First Associate Degree

The Cypress College Media Arts Design (MAD) department recently received state approval to offer an Associate in Science in Film, Television, and Electronic Media.

“While the MAD department has over ten skill certificates it offers students, this is our first two-year degree,” MAD Department Chair Ian Holmes said. “This means that now Cypress College and the MAD department have for the first time an official Film, Television, and Electronic Media major and degree.”

The AS-T degree, which took ten years from curriculum development through state approval, requires 18 units in the major, plus 30 units of general education courses, and transfers to universities. Students who have already taken as few as six classes in cinematography, single camera, motion picture, video editing, motion graphics, and other such classes, may already qualify to apply for this degree. Such students are encouraged to reach out to Fine Arts Counselors Renay Laguana-Ferinac or Renee Ssensalo.

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