Featured Class: Jewelry Design

Do you love jewelry? Have you ever wanted to learn how to design it? You’re in luck! Cypress College offers ART 174 Jewelry Design! This class shows you how to design and construct jewelry and small fabricated metal pieces.

ART 174 (CRN 22224), in conjunction with ART 175 (Metalsmithing, CRN 22225), meets Mondays and Wednesdays at 6–9:10 p.m. in Fine Arts 130. Register in myGateway today!

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  1. I had this class last semester I can tell you I learned a lot from the teacher and I was taught never to play with tools woman was never to use the toll I learned how to use a drill I learned how to use a Jewelry saw I learned how to Sauter I learn how to pickle I’ll learn how to use a blowtorch I learned how to make dumplings and pendants and earrings I can say beginning jewelry class is the class you want to take if you really liking to know how jewelry is made I never really paid attention or wondered how jewelry was made at all to I take this class and I seen first hand how things was made the teacher is really great if u need help or get stuck he right there to help u and Encourage you all the way through he doesn’t give up on you it’s like he’s your personal cheerleader and I really like this class that’s why am taking his MetalSmith in class next semester so I can learn more and see where it goes from there thank u for having this class

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