+C Team Wins $2,000 Ideathon Prize, Trip to MIT

Cypress College teamed with ModoLabs to host the inaugural Ideathon™ on Saturday, April 13. Eleven teams qualified for the weekend’s competition, and vied for the grand prize of $2,000 and a trip to the 6th Annual Kurogo Mobile Conference at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, where they will have the chance to compete for a national prize of $10,000.

First-place winners, Team +C

The first-place team, +C, wanted “to make an app for the college students where they can post about the textbooks they want to sell. We have noticed it is very hard to access cheap books and sell your textbooks.”

Team Innovate took second place and a prize of $300.

Second-place winners, Team Innovate

“Many students are unaware of the plethora of educational resources found on campus,” the team stated. “For both incoming and previously enrolled students, it can get overwhelming to grasp a hold on everything. Our app targets incoming students and aims to inform them of the resources and assets that Cypress College has to offer. Our app addresses this challenge by providing an easy to use platform for students to be aware of particular office hours and available tutoring sessions. Our platform applies the use of an open forum that will allow students to communicate with each other, providing an educational and welcoming community feel for everyone.”

Third-place winners, Team STEM Cells

Placing third was team STEM Cells, whose app idea dealt with “how to establish good habits, to present resources and information on what a habit is, and how [to] effectively change [those] habits.”

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