Student Art Featured in CCAG Exhibition

This year our art students exhibited their self-selected best works for display in the student art show at the Cypress College Art Gallery. The exhibition ran from May 7–16.

Among the many featured were pieces by Juliana Montenegro, Phat Huynh, and Zimmo Mojica.

Montenegro submitted a photograph she took of Disneyland at night, which is part of a series she is doing for independent study. The series aims to show the theme park in a different light—revealing there is so much more to the park than the rides.

Artist: Juliana Montenegro

Huynh’s “Scoliosis” piece was his first-ever painting. He used acrylics to portray a personal aspect of himself.

Artist: Phat Huynh

Mojica’s anime artistry has been featured previously on campus. This time, he brought forth his favorite piece for the show.

Artist: Zimmo Mojica

Cypress College Art Gallery (CCAG) presents both professional and student exhibitions, workshops, lectures, and visiting artists’ projects. CCAG is located in the gateway area of the Cypress College campus. Gallery hours are Monday through Thursday, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. and by appointment.

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