Retired Professor Co-Authors Philosophy and Religious Studies Article

Retired Philosophy and Religious Studies professor Robert G. Cavin has penned an article with Skyline College Professor Carlos A. Colombetti called “Assessing the Resurrection Hypothesis: Problems with Craig’s Inference to the Best Explanation.”

Regarding the article, Cavin states, “The hypothesis that God supernaturally raised Jesus from the dead is argued by William Lane Craig to be the best explanation for the empty tomb and postmortem appearances of Jesus because it satisfies seven criteria of adequacy better than rival naturalistic hypotheses.  We identify problems with Craig’s criteria-based approach and show, most significantly, that the Resurrection hypothesis fails to fulfill any but the first of his criteria—especially explanatory scope and plausibility.”

The article is slated to come out on June 21, 2019 in The European Journal for Philosophy of Religion (EJPH) Vol. 11 No. 2.

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