In Appreciation of Your Service, Thank You, 2019-2020 Retirees

Cypress College thanks the following employees for their commitment to students and offer them our best wishes in retirement.

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John Alexander

John began teaching in the Automotive Technology Department at Cypress College in 1981, and has contributed to the excellent reputation of this program. His taught the Brakes and Suspension course for over 37 years. He has been Master Certified from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) for almost 4 decades. He was instrumental in the development of the Toyota Technician Training and Education Network (Toyota T-TEN) at Cypress College and was the T-TEN Coordinator for over 25 years. He has been the Automotive Technology Department Coordinator several times.

Deann Burch

Deann worked for five years in Admissions and Records, then was hired to work in the Career Planning Center. “Chalk this up as the absolute best career-move I could have made,” she said. “I cannot begin to adequately share the joy I had when connecting with and contributing to the field of career development.”

Carmen Dominguez

Carmen was a music professor at Saddleback College for 16 years and also served as department chair and Academic Senate president. She was dean at College of the Canyons for eight years.

Phillip Dykstra

In February 2004, Philip came to Cypress as a classified professional serving as the college’s research analyst. In 2012, he was promoted to the Director of Institutional Research and Planning. “When I look back on my time here at Cypress, I feel a sense of joy and accomplishment in all the things that the Research Office has undertaken with the goal of helping our students be successful,” Philip said. “And for that, I am eternally grateful to all of my colleagues for allowing me to be a part of our students’ educational journey along with them.”

Victor Jimenez

Victor has been with Cypress since 1990. He has served the college in Maintenance & Operations.

Jessica Puma

Jessica began teaching Spanish full-time at Cypress in fall 1998.  She was instrumental in developing the Spanish Heritage Speakers curriculum and program, increasing the number of class offerings. She was quite skillful in developing these students’ literacy and appreciation of many aspects Hispanic culture.  Jessica served as the college’s first instructional designer, a role that later became the Distance Education Coordinator.  In 2005 she received the Cypress College Faculty Development Award, later known as the Charger award.

Stuart Rosenberg

Stuart joined the English Department as a full-time instructor in Fall 1997. He contributed to the integrity of the English program in numerous ways, such as developing creative writing curriculum, along with advising the Creative Guild and producing a literary magazine. He also successfully led three Study Abroad programs. Stuart garnered respect from across campus, a reason why he recently received the award of Outstanding Faculty Member from the Academic Senate.

Frederico Vasquez

Federico was hired to work for Maintenance & Operations in 1998, and worked there until his retirement.


Cypress College Years of Service

We recognize the following employees for their years of dedicated service to the college.

5 Years
Eva Palomares; Sara Escarrega; Celeste Phelps; Jenny Lee; Jodie Thomas; Julie Vorathavorn; Luis Diaz; Yvonne Olive; Treisa Cassens; Victor Leonardo; Juan Arreguin; Armando Dorado; Karen Joy; Christopher West; Roy Holmes; Tyesha Volcy; Kirk Pickler; Allen Arslanian; and Zola Aponte.

10 Years
Salvador Casillas; Louis Krebs; Miguel Miranda Romero; and Timothy Noriega.

15 Years
Philip Dykstra; Teresa Sestito; Gonzalo Arenas; Steven Marshall; Karla Fajardo; and AeYoung Kim.

20 Years
Paul Hamblin; Melisa Chteoui; Renay Laguana-Ferinac; Veronica Del Campo; Deborah Michelle; Marylou Garibaldi; and Ruben Martinez.

25 Years
Monica Doman.

30 Years
Ambika Talwar.

35 Years
Anna Marie Peto.

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