Engineering Technology New Equipment Makes Program “One of the Best”

Engineering Technology recently acquired new equipment and software licenses to assist students. The additions have raised the quality of the program above and beyond others, according to Professor of Engineering & Engineering Technology Massoud Saleh.

“Our Mechatronics lab is one of the best and most complete labs anywhere,” as a result of the recent purchases, Saleh says.

The following is a list of the new additions:

  • Ten computer stations added to room 102, converting the lab to a computer lab
  • Eight units of Elvis III
  • Quanser sensor and mechatronics panels, for hands-on training of the students
  • A Parker Hydraulic/Pneumatic trainer cart (our system is the newer version that is more compact than the one in the video but has same functionalities)
  • License to LabVIEW. This is software that also can be used as a virtual replacement of some equipment for remote teaching. More information about LabVIEW can be found here:

“We were able to purchase a sample of almost every type of sensor out there for hands-on training of the students,” Saleh says. “These sensors can be connected to Labview for a realistic analysis of any system in form of a digital twin.”

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