Email, Connection Issues Being Resolved ASAP

Currently, both Cypress and Fullerton colleges are experiencing issues with internet connections to and from outside the campus. Cypress and Fullerton are both working to resolve these common issues. Among the issues, inbound emails may not be received if they are from non-Cypress email accounts and, in general, all users trying to connect to campus web-based resources from off campus are being impacted to some extent. On-campus users at both locations seem to be working normally.

Until the issue is fully resolved, the two workarounds below are helpful to try:

  • If you are experiencing problems connecting to a Cypress College web-based resource from off campus, please try multiple browsers. That might allow you to connect until the global issue is resolved.
  • If an email is urgent, we recommend a follow-up phone call if sending from your Cypress College email account to non-Cypress email addresses.

Below are direct links to common platforms that can be used to connect to Zoom, myGateway, and Canvas.

We are working on resolving the connection issues as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience and support.

Academic Computing Services Team
Cypress College

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