What is a Mathematics Hybrid Class?

A mathematics hybrid class covers all the same material as a standard synchronous math class. The main difference is that most instruction is delivered asynchronously via engaging videos created by Cypress College instructors. Students have as much, or even more, access to their instructors to get help throughout the semester.

Here is what your fellow students say about the Mathematics video lectures in our Hybrid classes:

  • Thank you, Professors, for creating such super high-quality videos! They offer even more than an in-person class could because the video lectures have great animations, pop-up windows of review material, formulas, and key concept reminders.
  • I really like that I can pause the videos at any time while taking notes.
  • It helped me a lot to be able to go back in the video if I missed any information or if I didn’t quite get it the first time.
  • I can change the speed of video lectures to suit me. I can skip over parts that I already know how to do, or slow down and spend more time on the things that are more difficult for me.
  • It helped me to be able to watch all or part of a video lecture again to review before the exam.
  • I loved that I never had to miss any lectures because of my work schedule, illness, lost Internet connection, or other commitments, since I was able to take notes at the times that were best for me personally.

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