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I went to court-reporting school to study stenotyping. After awhile, whenever anybody spoke, in my mind my fingers would be punching it out.

– Michelle Pfeiffer

The Court Reporting Program provides an academically rich training program designed to prepare you for the field of court reporting.

The Cypress College Court Reporting Program prepares students to take the California Certified Shorthand Reporter’s Examination and the National Court Reporting Association Examinations.

The Court Reporting Program requires a minimum of two and a half years of study. Students must furnish their own
machines and related supplies. Students may also choose to pursue related career opportunities.

Students working with stenograph machines

What You’ll Study
  • Practice Lab
  • High Speed Proficiency Lab
  • Qualifier Lab
  • Computer Aided Transcription Lab
  • Machine Shorthand Theory
  • Court Reporting Theory Review
  • Machine Shorthand Speed Building
  • CSR/RPR Directed Practice
  • Court/Conference Reporting: Legal
  • Court/Conference Reporting: Medical
  • Court/Conference Reporting: Congressional
  • Two/Four Voice Testimony
  • Court/Conference Reporting: Jury Charge
  • Machine Shorthand Challenges
  • Advanced CAT Systems
  • Vocabulary Development
  • Legal Terminology and Rhetoric
  • Legal Procedures
  • Spelling for Modern Business
  • Punctuation: Court Reporting
  • Formatting, Style, and Usage
  • Proofreading
  • CSR-RPR-CBC-CCP Exam Preparation
  • Simulated Courtroom
  • Court and Deposition Procedures
  • Dictation and Transcription
  • Dictionary Build
  • Realtime Writing Concepts
  • Information Technology: CTRP
  • Expert Testimony: Professional Reporter
  • Realtime Writing: Professional Reporter
  • Court Reporting Seminar
  • Internship: Agency Services
  • Internship: Court Services
  • Internship: Medical Reporting
  • Internship: CART
  • Internship: Law Office
  • Internship: Legal Transcription
  • Internship: Court Reporting
  • Internship: Proofreading
  • Internship: Hearing Reporter
  • Internship: Captioning
  • Internship: Scoping/Editing
  • Internship: Videography
  • Computer Aided Transcription: Stenograph
  • Computer Aided Transcription: Eclipse
  • Computer Aided Transcription: Dictionary Building
  • Court/Conference Reporting: Literary

Visit our catalog for more information about the degrees and certificates, courses, and program learning outcomes for students majoring in Court Reporting.

Careers & Salary


  • Court Reporter


  • Low: $28k
  • Average: $84k
  • High: $119k

Program Mapper

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What Students Say

“The one thing that stands out about the Cypress College Court Reporting program is the teachers. They were very dedicated and helped me get through the program with their support and encouragement.They were always available to answer questions and take extra time. I made lifelong friends while in the program because of the bond of working toward a common goal. It’s a difficult program to finish, but with the help of friends, teachers, and a positive attitude you can reach your goals and have a very rewarding career.”

Kayla Jernigan

“The best thing that happened to me was when I transferred and did my final semester of school at Cypress. I met a really great group of people, faculty and students, who have since become my closest friends, all working in some form of the court reporting field.  It is these people that I always turn to first when I have questions or just need someone to listen about my day. We all still get together regularly just to share tips on briefs, software, equipment, recipes, fun and relaxation, managing our finances and our time, scopists, proofers, etc. I don’t know what I would do without them! Only a court reporter truly understands what we do. Court reporting is one of the most challenging career opportunities out there and I’m so happy I’m a part of it!”

Linda Klea-Baker

Adjunct Faculty
  • Kelvin Do
  • Michael Migan
  • Anna Pastor
  • Mary Rea
  • Elizabeth Torres
  • Savauna Winn
Court Reporting Department

Location: Business Education Building, 2nd Floor
T: (714) 484-7000, Option 5, ext. 48055
Department Chair: Carolee Freer,