Apply to be a Volunteer Note Taker

Visit the Charger Access Portal at

Step 1

Click on “Volunteer Note Taker.”

Charger Access Portal Home Screen

Step 2

Log in using your myGateway ID and password.

Image of myGateway login screen

Step 3

After you login, click on “Courses/ Notes” in the main menu.

Step 4

Please complete all fields on the application. Then click Next.

Step 5

Please review the Note Taker Agreement and Confidentiality statement and click the check box stating that you agree. Then click Next.

Step 6

Please select all courses that you would like to be a note taker for in your course listing. Then click Next.

Step 7

You will receive a confirmation screen that your application has been submitted. If you are selected as a Volunteer Note Taker, you will receive an email from DSS with additional information.