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Introducing…College Scheduler

A new, helpful registration tool

What is College Scheduler?

College Scheduler is a student-centered schedule planning and course registration tool that simplifies the registration process. It allows you to bridge together the educational planning, schedule planning, and registration processes by using courses saved in DegreeWorks Ed Plans to create class schedules and register for classes. Learn more about College Scheduler.

Do I have to use College Scheduler?

The use of College Scheduler is voluntary. If you do not wish to use College Scheduler, you may still register for classes the usual way in myGateway.

How do I access and use College Scheduler?

Access College Scheduler using the “Log in to College Scheduler” button below. You will need to use your myGateway credentials to log in. Watch the “How to Use College Scheduler” video to learn how to search for and register for classes in College Scheduler.

Not ready to log in? You may search College Scheduler here.

How to Use College Scheduler

CC College Scheduler: Registration in College Scheduler How To Video
CC College Scheduler: Search for and Add Courses
CC College Scheduler: Reading a Schedule Grid
CC College Scheduler: Generate Schedules
College Scheduler: Adding a Break
CC College Scheduler: Section Options
CC College Scheduler: Favorite a Schedule
CC College Scheduler: Registration Worksheet
CC College Scheduler: Dropping Registered Course and Adding New
CC College Scheduler: Editing the Shopping Cart
CC College Scheduler: Send to Shopping Cart
CC College Scheduler: Registering for Shopping Cart Courses
CC College Scheduler: Print or Email a Schedule