Zoom Help Center

Cypress College Zoom accounts are available to faculty and staff to support remote work, teaching, and learning.

Do you have additional questions?  Email us at zoom@cypresscollege.edu.


Zoom Resources


Zoom Quick Start

Cypress College Zoom Account Information

Alternative Hosts and Co-hosts

An alternative host can start a meeting and run it whether or not the original host is present. A co-host can help manage a meeting, but the host must be present at the start.

Whiteboard and Annotation

Meeting attendees and hosts can collaborate through a virtual whiteboard as well as annotation tools.

Canvas Integration

The Cypress Canvas integration with Zoom can make it easier for students to see and access class meetings by displaying them within Canvas.


Ensure that your Zoom meetings are accessible to all your attendees.

Privacy, Security, and Misuse

Learn about applicable campus privacy, security, and misuse policies, as well as how to set up Zoom to make it more secure and prevent “Zoombombing.”