Art Goldman, A.A., B.A., M.A.

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English | Language Arts


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About Professor Goldman

After a long business career, I decided to change my life. I studied English at Cal State Dominguez Hills, where I specialized in Rhetoric/Composition. I began teaching at Cypress College in 2001.

Teaching Philosophy

While education must be informative, I also think it should be fun. In my classes, you will be challenged. You might even be changed. You will find ideas at the core of everything we will do, whether in-class discussion, our readings or your writing.  This doesn’t mean that you will find pure drudgery. In fact, you must bring a sense of humor with you if you want to be in my class. My classes are an exploration into things that may well blow your mind.

Recommended Course

ENGL 103 C  Critical Reasoning and Writing

This course teaches principles of logic and argumentation, of course, but it is also a wonderful opportunity to learn the strategies people use to persuade us, whether in advertising or politics. It also opens up an opportunity to discuss the important issues of today.


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