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Professor Carlos Sandoval

Psychology | Social Sciences


Phone: (714) 484-7185 Ext: 48232

Office Hours: Monday-Thursday 8:35-9:05 a.m.

Location: Humanities H222E

About Professor Sandoval

Hello. My name is Carlos Sandoval and I would like to welcome you to the study of psychology. Now many of you might think, why psychology? Psychology studies human behavior. It can be applied to any subject matter and to almost every life situation, anywhere from business to relationships to parenting styles. I have applied the various theories and techniques of psychology while working with diverse populations.

Prior to teaching at Cypress College, I was a Drug Counselor, a Gang-Prevention Counselor, and a Senior Social Worker. Currently, I teach full-time at Cypress College. My courses that I teach/taught are Developmental Psychology, Human Sexuality, Introductory Psychology, and Abnormal Psychology. I have also taught Motivational Psychology and Psychology of Aging at other local campuses.

When I am not teaching, I spend the majority of time with My AMAZING family.  I enjoy reading, basketball, skiing (snowboarding) and just LOVE LIFE!

Lastly, I strongly encourage all of you to pursue your educational goals and hope to welcome you to one of my courses!

Recommended Course

PSY 139 C Developmental Psychology

I highly recommend this course because it covers all aspects of life, from Conception to Death.