Ian Holmes, B.F.A.

Professor Ian Holmes

Media Arts Design | Fine Arts

Email: iholmes@cypresscollege.edu

Phone: (714) 484-7036

Office Hours: Monday 9-10 a.m., Tuesday 9-11 a.m.

Location: Fine Arts, Room 310A

About Professor Holmes

Ian Holmes teaches Digital Cinema, Film & Video Production, and Digital Imaging  in the Media Arts Designdepartmentat Cypress College. Ian holds a B.F.A. in Design & Commercial Photography from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA. He studied cinema at National University and holds a teaching credential from Cal State Los Angeles.

Professor Holmes’ professional experiences include photography, film, animation, web design, and graphic design for textile screen printing.

Professor Holmes states, “I’m  passionate about film, animation, video, digital cinema and new technology in general. I’ve been an Apple fan boy since 1984. Everyone has a story to tell, so why not tell your’s through cinema? If you love movies, art and technology you’re my people!”


  • My lovely wife and my two adorable daughters
  • Film/Cinema/Animation/Art/Design
  • Teaching


  • Motorcycling
  • Mountain Biking
  • Windsurfing
  • Ocean Kayaking


  • Photography
  • Experimental Short Films

Favorite Film Genres

  • Film Noir and Animation


  • Life’s an adventure and every day is a new opportunity for excitement.

Courses Professor Holmes Teaches

  • MAD 109 – Video Production
  • MAD 110 – History of Animation/Technology
  • MAD 180 & MAD 181 – Video Editing
  • MAD 182 – Cinematography
  • MAD 185 – Documentary Digital Cinema
  • MAD 188 – Beginning Single Camera Operation
  • MAD 189 – Cinematography II
  • MAD 191 – Film Noir Genre
  • MAD 192 – Great Directors of Cinema
  • MAD 184 – Beginning Motion Picture Production
  • MAD 195 – Science Fiction Film Genre
  • MAD 196 – Silent Film Genre
  • MAD 197 – Western Film Genre

MAD 191 C Film Noir Genre Course Description

CRN: 13706


Holmes, Ian

Transfer: CSU

A study of Film Noir, identified by crime melodramas, private investigators, innocents and deceivers occupying a world of corruption, betrayal, obsession, trysts and violence. A genre characterized by low key lighting, shadows, and odd camera angles. 10-12 minute films will be screened.

ONLINE CLASS: This full semester class meets entirely online. To avoid being dropped, you MUST e-mail your instructor at iholmes@CypressCollege.edu with your full name, email address, class CRN, student ID number AND enter your email address in myGateway immediately upon enrolling in the class. For more information, visit our Distance Education page.

Distance Education Resources

Recommended Courses

MAD 194 C, Beginning Motion Picture Production

This course provides an introduction to theory, terminology and process of motion picture production for film and television. Topics include basic cinematography including the operation, function and creative uses of production and post-production equipment, scriptwriting, camera operation, shot composition, lighting, sound recording and mixing and editing.

MAD 185 C, Documentary Digital Cinema

This course introduces contemporary documentary film-making techniques used by digital cinema technicians and artists. Students will learn to create and shoot short format documentary films.Activities will include watching and analyzing films by various filmmakers including Ken Burns as well as planning and shooting films as individuals and crews.

MAD 134 C & MAD 135 C, Digital Imaging

The course focus is on the usage of Macintosh and Windows based software for the manipulation of bit-mapped (raster) images using illustrative, photographic, scanned and video images as the basis for image manipulation. Course topics include image enhancement, editing, composite, retouching, photo montages, prepress, color separations, web-based images. The primary software application used in class will be Adobe Photoshop.


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