Jaclyn Magginetti, M.A.

Professor Jaclyn Magginetti

Anthropology | Social Sciences

Email: jmagginetti@cypresscollege.edu

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About Professor Magginetti

About Me

I have been teaching at Cypress College since fall 2013. I think helping students get prepared for transfers is one of my favorite things considering the fact that I once attended Cypress College and went through it myself. I also love when students are active and bring new facts and information into the classroom.

Current Research

My focus in anthropology is on evolutionary mating and parenting. I continue to do research in the field and enjoy coming up with new theories and ideas. My current topics in my research are on pregnancy and mate retention, as well as nursing and mate retention.

Recommended Course

ANTH 101 Biological Anthropology

This course is an introduction to the biological and physical aspects of what it means to be human from a scientific and evolutionary perspective. We will look at everything from genetics and DNA to primate behavior, all to give us a better understanding on the evolution of the modern human.


ANTH 101 Biological Anthropology

Course Description

This course is an introduction to the biological and physical aspects of what it means to be human from a scientific and evolutionary perspective. This includes an introduction to human genetics, principles of natural selection and other forces of evolution, physical and behavioral characteristics of non-human primates, fossil evidence of primate and human evolutionary change, and information about modern human variation.

Course Material

Required textbook – Essential of Physical Anthropology (2nd Edition) – Clark Spencer Larson – ISBN 978-0-393-91938-7


This class will consist of weekly participation though the Canvas course management system in discussion boards with your fellow students. You will also be expected to take a small weekly reading quiz to help you stay on track.


There will be three comprehensive tests to assess your understanding of the course material. The tests will be a combination of multiple-choice questions with a couple of short answers.

Virtual Classroom Information

This class will be taught using the Canvas course management system.


  • Biological Anthropology Tutorials
    This is a great website that will introduce you to the topic that will be covered in Biological Anthropology.
  • Science Daily
    This a great website that will keep you current on anthropologic topics in the news.