Mujib Tahir

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About Professor Tahir

I am a product of the community college system. I attended GWC and OCC, after which I went to CSUF for my undergraduate and graduate work in English.

In addition to my love of teaching, I enjoy playing basketball and running.

Recommended Course

English 103 Critical Reasoning and Writing

This is a critical thinking course that focuses on argument in writing. It equips students with the knowledge and skills to read and analyze arguments and to formulate strong arguments in writing.


English 100

English 100 C is a college level course in written communication. It is designed to develop reading, critical thinking, and writing strategies necessary for academic success. The emphasis is on writing expository essays. The course requires the use of research and documentation skills.


Textbooks: A World of Ideas, They Say / I Say, The Little Seagull Handbook

This is a writing course, but it is also very much a reading course. We will be doing both, all the time.

There are four out-of-class essays, one of which is a research paper. There are two in-class essays, the midterm and the final.

In addition to these longer writing assignments, you will write a short reading response each week.