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About Professor Sidhu

I would like to welcome you to the study of economics. Many of you might think, why Economics?

From the time your alarm clock buzzes to until you go to bed, all the decisions that you make are all “economic decisions”. The real world is a very complicated place. Economics helps to explain the mysteries of how people and society operate. Economic theory helps to make sense out of mystery and confusion by helping you to determine what’s important to the economic issue and what’s not. It enables you to decide what choice is best to the decision at hand and how to apply it, to get the best results.

Economists think analytically and critically to solve simple and complex problems. Since economics is a social science, economists understand and recognize human behavior in terms of consumption, production, distribution, and fundamental operations of the economy.

Economics is a science with excellent tools for gaining answers to a plethora of interesting questions. Economics studies how an economy works and how daily economic events affect us in our daily lives. Hence, you want to study this course because you want to make the best decisions for yourself with the limited resources that you’ve got.

Recommended Course

ECON 100C Principles of Economics – Macro

This course concentrates on macroeconomic analysis. Topics emphasized are aggregate supply/demand concepts, economic aggregates and the overall functioning of the American economy, with special emphasis on the role of the government. The course includes national income accounting, employment theory, business cycles, fiscal and monetary policy and economic growth. (Duplicate credit not granted for ECON 100HC).



  • United States Department of Labor
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • World Trade Organization
  • Economic Report of the President