Penn P. Wu, Ph.D.

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Computer Information Systems | Business & CIS


Phone: (714) 484-7211

Office Hours: Friday 9 a.m. –12 p.m. or by appointment.

Location: Business Building, 2nd Floor

About Professor Wu

  • Teaching: Focus on the areas of programming, operating systems, and information technologies.
  • Research Interests: Operating Systems, Web Programming, Game Programming, Graphics Programming, Computer Forensics.
  • Other Fields of Interests: Java Programming, Visual Basic Programming, System Analysis & Design, Ruby Programming
  • Habits: Enjoy research and works has been published in the proceedings of national and international conferences and in peer-reviewed journals
  • Personal Sketch: Enjoy reading, jogging, and travelling.

Recommended Courses

  • CIS108: Introduction to Internet
  • CIS109: Business Application – Internet
  • CIS110: Linux Operating System
  • CIS216: Microsoft Project
  • CIS218: Visual C# Programming
  • CIS223: Visua C++ Programming
  • CIS225: ASP.NET Programming
  • CIS244: Java Game Programming
  • CIS245: Perl Programming
  • CIS246: PHP Programming
  • CIS247: Python Programming
  • CIS261: Game Programming
  • CIS263: Mobile Game Programming
  • CIS264: Windows Game Programming
  • CIS265: 3D Game Programming
  • CIS274: Project Management