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About Professor Hare

As a photo instructor I teach everything from basic photography to professional studio lighting to advanced digital tech. I’ve been a photographer for 25 years, and teaching for almost a decade. I own and operate an award winning and widely published architectural photography studio specializing in both commercial and residential properties.

I’m passionate about emerging styles of photography. I am currently exploring everyday subject matter with my own personal vision that emphasizes symmetry, organization, and simplicity. This allows me to apply my architectural way of thinking to fine art subjects. That’s were the lines start to blur. That’s were it gets fun. And that’s were the passion starts to come out.

I teach because of the energy and fearlessness I get from the students. My goal is to give them the technical knowledge and guidance they need to get them out of their comfort zone. It’s that duality of teaching and learning at the same time that helps me to inspire my student to be critical thinkers. I want to have a conversation with the class.

I strive to stop thinking about the technical aspects and to focus more on what I’m shooting. I try to get the camera to disappear.

Recommended Course

  • Photography 227 C Retouching and Digital Workflow