Presidential Advisory Council


The Cypress College President’s Advisory Council is a network of top community leaders who provide input, strategic insight, and industry expertise to assist in developing priorities and community collaboration at Cypress College. The purpose of the President’s Advisory Council is to provide feedback, advice, and direction on key strategic initiatives that impact Cypress College. The Advisory Council also share ideas on emerging community and Industry needs, so Cypress College can effectively work with the community in accommodating those needs.

The President’s Advisory Council supports Cypress College leadership in becoming better connected to civic and neighborhood organizations as well as the business community. Members provide advice on meaningful, productive networking, potential fundraising opportunities, and other projects that enhance student learning and supports the needs of Cypress College students.

Members are recommended for their expertise, experience and engagement as key decision-makers in their industry or community leadership roles. Interests and knowledge about issues in higher education is also considered. The maximum Advisory Council membership is 30 members.

Primary Responsibilities

Members serve a rotating three-year term and may be appointed at any time during the year. The Council meets two times a year at a college-hosted luncheon. Meetings are held in the fall and spring academic semesters. The three-year term is a calendar term, not dependent on how many meetings members attend. Members agree to attend the bi-annual luncheon, provide input and feedback on the direction of the college, and serve as an ambassador to promote the work of the college in the community. 


  • Abraham Baha – Geotechnical Solutions, Inc.
  • Alan McAuley – McAuley LCX Corporation
  • Amanda C. Fowler – Edward’s Life Sciences
  • Amy Kaufman – CLA-OC
  • Angie Ray – Forest Lawn Mortuary, Glendale
  • Bill Taormina – Clean City
  • Brenda Hale – Union Bank
  • C. Foster Stanback
  • Carey Ransom – OC4 Venture Studio
  • Curtis Scheetz – Total Environmental Management
  • David Patrick – Shark Wheel
  • Dennis Kuhl – Los Angeles Angels Baseball
  • Fred Brown – HANSJI Corporation
  • John Seely – Exemplis
  • Kim Chips – Disneyland Resort
  • Kristin Crellin – Schools First FCU
  • Lucy Dunn – Orange County Business Council
  • Malek Moubasher – Mentor Global
  • Marc Ang – Asian Industry B2B
  • Mark Steiman – CHOC Children’s
  • Mike Huck – Subsync
  • Mike Matsuda – AUHSD
  • Robbin Narike Preciado – Union Bank
  • Stacy Berry – City of Cypress
  • Steve Masoner – Edward Jones
  • Steve Robbins
  • Tom Capizzi – CHOC Children’s
  • Warren Kusumoto – City of Los Alamitos
  • Wendy Rogers – LPA Design