2020 Business/CIS: Brandon Nguyen

Presidential Scholar of Distinction, Brandon Nguyen

Presidential Scholar of Distinction, Brandon Nguyen

Brandon is a cyber defense major and was selected as the Presidential Scholar of Distinction for the Business/CIS Division at Cypress College. Growing up in Orange County, he found a love for computers at an early age and often enjoyed “fiddling” with them. Brandon’s love for technology continued to grow through online resources and high school clubs.

Since the summer of his sophomore year in high school, Brandon has taken classes at Cypress, first as a special-admit student and later as a dual-enrollment student. He became involved in the CyberPatriot Program, which prepares middle and high school students to compete in the CyberPatriots national cybersecurity competition. After graduating from high school, he became a cybersecurity mentor “so that I could give back what the mentors gave to me while I was in high school.”

Following his graduation this year, Brandon plans to continue pursuing his bachelor’s degree in computer science and engineering at UC Irvine—he was a freshman-admit student concurrently completing his first year at UC Irvine and his last year at Cypress—with hopes of landing an internship to gain industry work experience and further his career prospects.

“I have grown to be very passionate about technology and cybersecurity, as well as spreading my knowledge to others,” he said. “It’s kind of become who I am and what I’ve been known for.”