2020 Library/Learning Resource Center: Anh Nguyen

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Anh is a liberal arts major and was selected as the Presidential Scholar of Distinction for the Library/Learning Resource Center at Cypress College. She immigrated to the U.S. five years ago and originally chose to attend Cypress College to improve her English skills in the English as a Second Language Program. She soon realized that pursuing higher education would be the most effective way to be successful in America.

At Cypress College, Anh has been involved in the EOPS Program and has worked at the Math Learning Center as a statistics tutor. She enjoys helping others and cares about other people, so she plans to pursue registered nursing “so that I can contribute my work to improve [people’s] health and help more people.”

Following her graduation, Anh will continue her studies at Cypress College in the Registered Nursing Program. After completing the program, she plans to find a job in healthcare and continue to pursue education by earning bachelor’s and master’s degrees in nursing.

“Being a part of the Cypress College family has helped me become more confident in myself to pursue one of the most competitive majors in the U.S.: Registered Nurse,” she said

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS, ANH!!!!!!! I am so proud of you and the amazingly awesome and veryx1,000 fabulous work you have done at Cypress!! You represent our program so well and are a true inspiration to so many students who are following in your footsteps on this Cypress College path! Buen Cypress, Anh!!

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