2023 PSD Kinesiology: Anthony Delgado

Portrait of Stephanie Wood, the 2023 Presidential Scholar of Distinction for the Health Science pathway, wearing regalia with the "#CYProud" window graphic in the background on the piazza near CCCPLX and Fine Arts.

Anthony Delgado’s mission is to help people. He entered the Kinesiology program at Cypress College with the goal of working in sports medicine, which combines his love of sports with his drive to help others. But his motivation to support people found other outlets along the way. He also helped fellow students through leadership roles with Charger Experience, Associated Students, and by being an intern in the college’s Athletic Training Center. After graduation, he will work toward a degree from Cal State Long Beach, where he will surely be someone students and faculty can count on.

Please tell us about Where did you grow up? What are your interests? What is your story?

I was born in Los Alamitos but grew up mainly in Cypress, not far at all from Cypress College. I lived right behind Cypress High School, where I graduated in 2021. I am a Cypress kid, I love my community and everything it brings.

I grew up loving sports, whether it was me participating in them or simply watching them on television. I am also interested in how our human bodies work, specifically how nutrition and exercise can impact our overall health.

My mother is a nurse and my father always encouraged me to be active and play sports. One day in my senior year of high school, I found out about Sports Medicine and how it’s a mix of what my parents were exposing me to as a child. Once I came to Cypress College, I found a major that I not only love but hope to get the most out of so that I am able to be an important member in my community in order to help others.

What are you most passionate about? Why?

I am most passionate about helping others and being an influencer no matter what community I am in. I believe and know that life is quite a difficult journey to take alone, and it’s a wonderful feeling knowing that wherever you go, no matter what path you take, you will never be alone. I want to be a person people can depend on for encouragement to get to the level where they need to be.

Why did you choose Cypress College?

I chose Cypress College because I believed that it was the right place for me to grow not only as a student but as an individual. It provided me a comfortable and safe space for me to develop my knowledge and important life skills. Truthfully, throughout my time here at Cypress College, I have never felt alone and have been supported every single step of the way. Their slogan of “We take this journey together” is more than that, it is a promise to every student who sets foot on campus.

What have you been involved in at Cypress College? How has your path unfolded?

I can’t tell you how many times I have ran around campus on the daily but I have been involved with Charger Experience (as a Student Ambassador,) Associated Students (former Activities Coordinator and current Executive Vice President), and have had the wonderful opportunity to intern with Cypress College’s Athletic Training Center. In high school, I was never really involved on campus so I made it my mission once I arrived at Cypress to change that. Since then, I have become a well-known face on campus and have had the opportunity to serve my community.

Share a memorable event or experience while you’ve been a Cypress College student. The most memorable event at Cypress College is when our students went up against our staff/faculty in a softball I was named captain for the Student team and although we were getting roughly outplayed in the early innings, we managed to get an impressive comeback by ending the game with a three-run walk off. It was a great opportunity for students to connect with our staff/faculty and I am just happy that I was able to share those moments with them.

Who are the faculty and staff (in your major, an academic or other support program, etc.) who have helped you get where you are today?

First, I have to mention one of my favorite and most helpful Kinesiology professors here at Cypress Sergio Cutrona. He gave me a complete understanding of how important it is to not only get familiar in a classroom setting as a student but to get familiar in the workforce as a professional. I also want to mention Charger Experience who have supported me since my first day at Cypress College, especially covering my tuition so that I did not have to stress about paying for College. Lastly, my two advisors for Associated Students which are David Okawa and Jay Shonkwiler who have always been there for me and have always welcomed me to speak my mind.

How has Cypress College supported you throughout your time at the college?

Cypress College has given me many opportunities for me to develop and learn important skills not only for my career but on a personal level as well. I never felt alone on campus and I always tell people that this is my second home. Whether it was Charger Experience covering my tuition, getting advice from my advisors at A.S., or taking advantage of the wonderful free resources on campus; Cypress College has always supported me every single step of the way.

What are your immediate plans after completing your studies at Cypress College (at your transfer institution, in the workforce, etc.)?

After completing my studies at Cypress College, I plan to transfer to Cal State Long Beach to pursue my bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and continue to obtain my Master’s in Physical Therapy

What are your long-term goals? What do you aspire to?

My long-term goals are to become a Doctor of Physical Therapy and to have the opportunity to obtain my own P.T. clinic in the future. I aspire to be someone people can depend on whenever they need assistance regarding their mental or physical health. I understand that life can be very challenging and sometimes we need people in our lives to help keep us moving forward. I want to be one of those people for anyone in my community.

What are you most proud of?

I am proud that I was able to get through all the hardships that I have faced in my personal life while being a full-time student with multiple jobs. Specifically, I suffered a terrible injury to my Achilles, which caused me to become temporarily disabled. I was very close to quitting my role as an Ambassador, my role in Associated Students, and my role as a student in general. But I decided that I am not a quitter and that life would have to try harder to keep me down. Now I will be graduating and moving forward with my education.

What bit of advice would you give to current and future Cypress College students? Sometimes we try to add so many things to our list, we try to accomplish too many things at once, we try to take on the whole world without realizing that it’s not possible if our mental and physical health is not stable. I advise students to take time for themselves, understand their goals and Understand that it is OK to take a step back in order to take three steps forward. In the end, this is their story, they should be able to write it the way they want it to be written.

Is there anyone in particular you’d like to thank?

I want to thank both my loving mother and father for always supporting me no matter what. I’d like to thank my “second mother” who is my grandmother for always listening to me and giving me guidance. I want to thank my best friend, Arnold Kim for still being here with me after everything we have gone through. I want to finally thank the Charger Experience team, Associated Students, and my two advisors Dave and Jay for making life a bit easier.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

When it is all said and done, this is your journey. Know what you want, find out how to get it, and simply do it. Fight for yourself because who else will?