Long Ong, Vietnam

Pathway to Transfer: Psychology

CSULB transfer, Fall 2020

One universal tool to connect people from around the world is language. While language can be a tool of connection, it can [also] be a barrier preventing people from achieving their goals. America has been long known for being a country of immigrants.

One of the few things most people didn’t realize is the language barrier behind every successful immigrant person in America that they have to overcome. In order to be successful, we first need to adapt to a new environment. In order to adapt to a new environment, we need to learn. In order to learn, we need to communicate. But to communicate, we first need to understand the language in that environment.

As a result, it takes great effort for immigrant people to be successful in America. ESL Milestone Certificates are the proof of those efforts. ESL Milestone Certificates are not just ordinary certificates; they are the evidence of many hours of trying and proof of how far immigrants have come to get here.

I think ESL Milestone Certificates give proof and credit for hard-working time immigrants spend to overcome the language barrier. They also encourage immigrants to go even further on their way to success.