Timely Warning: Man with Camera Reported in Women’s Restroom



Timely Warning

February 2, 2015

A female student reported to Campus Safety that someone attempted to photograph her while she was inside a restroom stall. The incident was reported to have taken place at approximately noon today (February 2, 2015), on the third floor of the Business Building.

The student said that she was using the restroom when someone reached under the stall door holding a black phone with red accents in his hand. The student confronted the unknown male and scared him off. The student composed herself and returned to class before searching the area with two friends. The incident was reported to Campus Safety at about 2:15 p.m.

In addition to the camera phone, suspect was described as fair complected, and reported to be wearing black-and-white Vans shoes and beige jeans. Because no shirt sleeves were seen when the male reached under the door, it is believed he was wearing a short-sleeve shirt. The incident was immediately reported to the Cypress Police Department.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact Campus Safety and or Cypress Police immediately.

Campus Safety can be reached at (714) 484-7387. Every member of the campus community should program this number into their mobile phones so it is handy. Anyone with additional information is asked to contact the Cypress Police Department at (714) 229-6600.

Students are reminded that activity that appears to be suspicious should be reported to Campus Safety and/or Cypress Police.

Here are some personal safety tips that are important to follow so that we can continue to maintain a safe campus:

  • Exercise caution when approaching or being approached by someone you don’t know.
  • Travel in groups or pairs, and in well-lit areas at night.
  • Report suspicious activity if you observe it.
  • Report incidents immediately.
  • Campus Safety is located in the Business Building, with an entrance from Parking Lot 1.
  • Escorts to and from your vehicle are available by contacting Campus Safety.
  • Emergency phones are located in a number of places on campus; they ring directly to Campus Safety and are identified on the campus map with a phone symbol.
  • If you feel there is an immediate threat, dial 911.