myGateway WebStar Instructions for Faculty

MyGateway is the district web portal that links with the District information system. Faculty must print rosters using the WebStar button at the top of the myGateway webpage and submit grades online. Instructions describing how to log onto myGateway, how to access the information available on WebStar, and how to enter grades are below.

Important Dates and Actions During the Semester

Before classes begin:

  1. Access and print “real-time” rosters from the 24/7 online myGateway website, the most accurate record of students enrolled in your class. (When the system is offline for scheduled maintenance, the login screen will be replaced by a screen pointing to the portal status updates on Twitter. In the event of unscheduled downtime during business hours (like a crash), go directly to to see status updates until it is back online.)
  2. Because numerous students are looking for classes, the electronic Wait List system is in place. Wait-listed students will receive notification to enroll in your class. However, 24 hours before the first day of class, the wait list option closes. It is highly recommended that you distribute add codes to the wait-listed students according to their number on their roster. Students know their wait list order.
  3. For students requesting CR/NC option, the instructor must fill out the Credit/No Credit grade form, but the form is not required for those classes listed as CR/NC Only in the class schedule. The signed form must be submitted to Admissions and Records (A&R) by the instructor no later than the second week of semester term classes, and no later than 30% of the length of short term, open/entry, and summer classes. See your division office or A&R for the correct form.

During the Semester:

Faculty are able to drop students electronically using WebStar. Both No-Show and “W” drops will be accepted. Faculty should be aware that late drops will not be permitted in WebStar. Deadlines for no- show drops and “W” drops are posted on the printable attendance rosters and appear on the drop/withdraw page.

  1. Deadlines for no-show drops are posted on the printable attendance rosters and appear on the drop/withdraw page.  To input no-shows, go to Drop Students from a Class List on the Faculty and Advisors page. Follow the detailed instructions on page 4 of these directions.
  2. During the semester, instructors will receive emails from WebStar whenever students drop your course. It is very important to have a campus email address ( Please see your division office manager or Extended Day office to obtain the “E-Mail Registration Form” to request a campus email address.
  3. Before the deadline to drop with a “W” (printed at the top of your WebStar roster), drop students using the Drop/Withdraw Students from a Class List on the Faculty and Advisors page.

At the End of a Short-term Class or Semester:

  1. Submit your grades online as directed within 5 calendar days after your last final exam. In case of extenuating circumstances, contact the Records Department at X47433 for assistance.
  2. Instructor grades and records of attendance should be kept for five (5) years in case of an error or grade change.

Logging onto WebStar Through myGateway

  1. Connect to the internet. Go to the myGateway website. You must log onto myGateway to access WebStar. MyGateway may also be accessed from the Cypress College website. Click on the myGateway link at the top of the page.
  2. A User Login screen displays:
    • Click in the box labeled “Banner ID”
    • Type in your 8-digit Banner ID Number. If you do not know your Banner ID, please see your Division Office. Follow the directions on the sign-in page.
    • Click in the box labeled PIN: Type in your PIN. If this is the first time you are using WebStar, your PIN will be your birth date in a six (6) number format using zeros as place holders for numbers less than 10. For example: January 7, 1968 would be entered as 010768. No hyphens.
    • Click on the Login button.
  3. If this is the first time you have accessed WebStar or myGateway, you will be asked to provide a Security Question which WebStar uses if you forget your PIN. Enter a question and the answer. In the future if you forget your PIN, the computer will ask you the security question you typed in and you must type in the answer EXACTLY as you typed it in initially. You may also be asked to change your PIN if you are a first time user. Follow the directions for changing your PIN.
  4. If the Login Verification screen displays:
    • Re-enter PIN: Enter your birth date again for verificationClick on Login button.
  5. If you have forgotten your PIN or your account is locked, please use the PIN Reset page to regain access to your account. You can reset your PIN if you have your email address on record in WebStar and/or Banner. If you are locked out and your email is not in WebStar, call your division office manager to have your PIN reset. If the division office is closed, you can contact the Staff Development Office at (714) 484-7326. Please understand that because of privacy issues, only certain campus personnel can reset your PIN. These personnel may not be available at all times, so be sure to log onto WebStar frequently throughout the semester to ensure you can access the site. Please be aware that there is only limited help over semester breaks.
  6. If you get the message “This document was found at the following location,” click on “location.”
  7. During busy times, such as registration or the beginning of the semester, access to myGateway or WebStar may be slow or you may not be able to access WebStar. If so, try back at another time.
  8. To access WebStar, click on the WebStar button located on the myGateway webpage in the top right-hand corner. A page will appear with the title “WebStar” and the left tab titled Main Menu.
  9. NOTE: It is recommended that you change your PIN number frequently. To change your PIN number, your security question, or email address, click the “Personal Information” tab at the top of any page and then click “Change PIN.” You will also be required to change your PIN whenever campus personnel have to reset it. Your new PIN must consist of six characters, which may be alphabetic (a through z) and/or numerical digits (0-9).

The Faculty and Advisors Page

Scroll down and click on Faculty & Advisors. The following list of options will appear:

Printable Attendance Roster

You can access a printable attendance roster for selected term and CRN. Click print on the browser. If any of the roster is cut off when printed, you need to configure the margins for printing: Go to “File,” “Page Setup,” and set the margins at Left: 0.25; Right: 0.25; Top: 1.0 Bottom: 1.5. Click “OK” to save.

Wait Lists: Before classes begin, students will be able to choose to be put on a wait list for your closed class. Prerequisites and time conflicts will be verified. When a space becomes available, students who are on the Wait List will be sent an email notifying them they will have 48 hours to respond and add the class. If they do not respond (add the class), they will be dropped from the Wait List. A list of the students on the Wait List appears in the bottom section of the Printable Attendance Roster. Please see Appendix A to read the myGateway personal message about waitlists that all students have received.

Add Authorization Codes (AAC): All classes will close the day before a class meets, even if the class is not filled. After the class closes, you may add students to your class by providing them with an Add Authorization Code. It is strongly suggested that you add students on the Wait List in the order their names appear. Not only have prerequisites, co-requisites, and time conflicts been checked, but students on the Wait List know their Wait List number and expect to be added in that order.

The AAC is a CRN specific code that will override a closed class message on WebStar. Students who have an AAC will be able to add a closed class online. In sections that have seats available, instructors will issue add codes to students on the wait list or qualified petitioners. Only if an instructor is unavailable to issue the add code will the Division Offices issue AACs, and this only through the open enrollment period. You may wish to consult your division dean and/or office staff to clarify how you want them to handle requests for students to add your class.  

  1. AACs are included on the “Printable Attendance Roster” page below the roster of names. Initially 30 codes will be provided for each CRN; however, this number can be increased by the Division Office, if necessary.
  2. When you provide a student with an AAC, write the student’s name on the AAC roster to verify later that the appropriate student has used that code. Also impress upon students that to be officially enrolled in the class, they need to access WebStar immediately, add the class in the normal fashion, and then enter the AAC when prompted.
  3. Students must have met prerequisites to add the class. The AAC will not override prerequisites.
  4. Students have been provided with detailed instructions on how to add classes using the AAC through WebStar. Information is also available on the college website.  
  5. It is recommended that you enroll as many students as possible to fill your class. See your division dean for more guidelines on class or room size to accommodate the maximum number of students.

Printable Grade Record

You can access a printable grade record sheet for the selected term and CRN. The roster is based on the most current student registration status. Use the directions above to print roster.

Class Roster

You can access class rosters here, after entering the term and selecting the CRN.

  1. If a student or instructor has an email an address in WebStar and set it as the PREFERRED email, it shows up on the instructor Class Roster: Summary Faculty Class List as a live email icon.
  2. If a student registers for a class that the instructor has set his/her email up as the PREFERRED email, the email icon appears in two places for students to contact an instructor: in a class search in the registration pages and on the student’s schedule of classes under Detailed Schedule in the Student Record menu.

CRN Selection

You will see a pull down list of courses that you are scheduled to teach.

Student Transcripts and Grades

You can view a student’s transcript to check for prerequisites or view prior student’s grades.

Student Information

You can display student information or view a student’s schedule.

Wait List

You can view the wait list of students generated for the class. They are also listed at the bottom of the class list on the Printable Attendance Roster as noted above. Their priority wait list position is in the column to the right of their name.

Input Final Grades

See instructions that follow on how to enter grades.

Faculty Schedule by Day and Time

You can access your teaching schedule.

Faculty Detail Schedule

Another version of your schedule.

Detail Class Roster

A more detailed class roster includes student programs, majors, etc.

Term Selection

To select a term, make sure that you do not choose terms that begin NOCE.

View Sick Leave Balance

This is your personal sick leave balance.

Add/Drop Listing

This screen allows faculty to see a list of students who have added or dropped a class. You may view a list of activity since the start of registration or the first day of class. By clicking on the envelope icon, you can access the student’s email, and send students a message informing them that they have been dropped.

Drop Students from a Class List

This screen allows faculty to drop students from a class. Both No-Show and “W” drops will be accepted. Faculty should be aware that late drops will not be permitted in WebStar.

Deadlines for no-show drops and “W” drops are posted on the printable attendance rosters and appear on the drop/withdraw page.

  1. Click on the link titled “Drop Students from a Class List.” Select the term and CRN. A roster of enrolled students will be displayed.
  2. Click in the Drop/Withdraw box for any students you wish to drop and click on “Submit Changes.” A confirmation message will be displayed. Click YES to confirm drops.

You can access all the Faculty Services links from the bottom of any of the Faculty Services page.

Inputting Final Grades

Click on the Input Final Grades link. Enter the term and CRN if necessary. You will see the Final Grade Worksheet. The headers are as follows: Record Number, Student Name, Credits, Registration Status, Grade, Rolled, Last Attend Date, Attend Hours, Registration Number.

  • Record Number — Sequential Number, starting at 1, for each student in your class.
  • Student Name — Click on student’s name to view address and phone information. If you plan to look up transcript or other student information, be sure to note student’s Banner ID (i.e.@00123456)
  • Credits — Class credits
  • Registration Status — Displays student’s registration status, as well as method of registration and date of registration. You will receive an explanation of these codes from A&R.
  • Grade — Select the grade from pull-down menu. Avoid scrolling over grades with a scroll- wheel mouse as this action may change a grade you have submitted. Please note that the District does not use + or – in assigning grades. If the student has dropped the course before the census date (two weeks after the start of the semester), the name will not appear on the WebStar roster. If the student drops or the instructor drops the student, the date of withdrawal will appear. Do not assign grades to dropped students. However, if you have a positive attendance class, you must enter the positive attendance hours for withdrawn students.
  • Rolled — This field indicates whether grades have been rolled from the Web into Academic History which will be available for students to view. Once rolled, grades cannot be changed over the Web. Instead, you must go to A&R in person. During finals week, grades are rolled twice daily so that students can see their grades. If you are unsure of any grades, you may enter some of the grades and leave others as NONE until a later time.
  • Last Attend Date (MM/DD/YYYY) — DO NOT complete this field.
  • Attend Hours (0 – 999.99) — If your class is identified Positive Attendance in the “Attendance Type” box on your WebStar roster, then you MUST COMPLETE the column marked “Attend Hours.” On WebStar, fill in the total number of lecture and lab hours each student attended. The total hours per student must not exceed the total hours listed for the class. Your division will inform you of how many hours should be entered for the maximum. Since students that withdrew attended your class, these students will need to have hours entered for both lecture and lab. WebStar will not let you proceed unless you put in these hours if your class is marked Positive Attendance.
  • Registration Number — The order in which students registered for the class.

Notes on submitting final grades:

Incompletes — If you wish to assign an Incomplete, leave the grade as NONE. Submit all the other grades on the Web, and go to A&R to fill out the paperwork to arrange for recording the Incomplete. Note: Although it is your decision as an instructor to assign an Incomplete, most Incompletes are never completed by students. Please use the Incomplete for extreme circumstances only.

Printed copies of grade sheets are no longer needed by A&R. You should keep your printed sheets and attendance rosters for five years as backup, if there are any questions about a grade.

To enter grades:

  1. Click on Input Final Grades. You will be asked to select a term and a CRN number. If you are teaching more than one section, verify the CRN number you wish to process.
  2. In the Grade column, click on the down arrow next to student’s name to select the appropriate grade for each student: A, B, C, CR, D, F, NC. Default is None. You should only assign CR or NC if the Grade Mode on your end of term roster is “C”. When finished, click on SUBMIT GRADES. Be sure to click the Submit Grades button frequently.  In order to insure Web Security, there is a 20-minute time limit on this, and most other, web screens.  Note:  If you class is large, you may want to click Submit as you enter the grades to avoid a “time out.” You will get a confirmation message when the grades have been accepted. BEWARE: If you use a scroll-wheel mouse, and you scroll over a grade you have already selected, you may accidentally and unknowingly change a grade. Check the grades before submitting.
  3. If the class has more than 25 students you must click on the links to enter the remaining grades. YOU MUST CLICK ON SUBMIT THE GRADES FOR EACH GROUP OF 25 STUDENTS BEFORE SELECTING THE NEXT GROUP.
  4. WebStar should list students who have been dropped or who have withdrawn. Contact Admissions and Records if there are any discrepancies. If a WI is printed next to a name, then you can use a Supplemental Reinstatement form (available from A&R) to reinstate a student you have dropped. You cannot reinstate students who drop themselves.
  5. You may wish to print out a copy of the grade screen when you have entered the grades. However, these should not be submitted to A&R.
  6. To enter grades for another class, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on CRN Selection. Choose the class you wish to access, click Submit CRN, and choose Input Final Grades from the Faculty and Advisors Menu.
  7. To exit the program, click on the Exit button in the top right hand corner of the page. To protect the security of your class information, CLOSE your web browser. If you are using a computer in a lab, you should log off.

If you have questions about these instructions, please call the Professional Development office at (714) 484-7326 or email

Appendix A

What Students are Told About Waitlists

myGateway Personal Message, June 2014


A waitlist is an electronic list of students who are petitioning a closed class. The Waitlist size is determined by the Division. Waitlisting does not guarantee enrollment into any class and not all classes have waitlists. Waitlisted students must meet all registration requirements.


Go to myGateway, and go to “Registration Tools” and click “Add/Drop Classes.” Enter the 5 digit CRN. You will be advised if the class is closed, and if there are open positions on the waitlist. To place yourself on the waitlist, use the drop down menu beside the closed class message. Select “Waitlist” then click

“Confirm Your Choices.” If the waitlist is full you will not be allowed to waitlist the CRN.


Go to myGateway, and go to “Registration Tools” and click “Add/Drop Classes.” Select the specific class and use the drop down box next to the waitlisted class and select “Waitlisted-drop.” You must click

“Confirm your Choices.”


It is recommended that you closely monitor your waitlist priority position. Go to myGateway and under the “Registration Tools” click “Check Waitlist Status.” Each waitlisted CRN will be displayed.


Waitlisted students will be notified via email only when a seat becomes available. The email will be sent to the preferred email address on file. Students can also check their personal announcements under the

“Student” tab in myGateway. NOTE: The College is not responsible for undeliverable emails or emails never received by a student for any reason. It is recommended that Yahoo users should obtain another email account (GMail, etc.) in order to receive electronic correspondence from the college.


Go to myGateway and under “Registration Tools” click “Add/Drop Classes.” Go to the specific waitlisted class in your list of classes and click on the drop-down box next to the waitlisted class. Click on “Register – Web.” You must click “Confirm Your Choices” and “Complete Registration.” Do not re-enter the 5 digit CRN in a registration box.


Students have forty-eight (48) hours to add the class OR no later than midnight prior to the first day of class, whichever comes first.


A second notification will NOT be delivered. Students who do not receive a notification by email or myGateway MUST attend the first day of instruction to be considered for an add code. Add codes are issued at the discretion of the instructor. If an Add Code is issued, go to myGateway and under

“Registration Tools” click “Add/Drop Classes.” Go to the specific waitlisted class in your list of classes and click on the drop-down box next to the waitlisted class and select “Waitlisted- Drop.” You must click

“Confirm Your Choices” and re-enter the 5 digit CRN and click on “Confirm Your Choices.” Then the system will prompt you to enter the Add Code. Enter the 4 digit Add Code and click “Validate.” Complete your registration.