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Registration Email

A registration email informs you of the first registration appointment available based on your eligible priority. For the best selection of classes, register on the date and time indicated in the email; however, the email does not guarantee your enrollment in any class.

  • NEW STUDENTS are those who have never attended Cypress or Fullerton College. New students will receive registration information by email based on the date their online Application for Admission is received.
  • RETURNING STUDENTS are those who have previously attended Cypress or Fullerton College but did not register into a class for the current semester. Returning students will receive registration information by email based on the date their online Application for Admission is received.
  • CONTINUING STUDENTS are those registered in a course at Cypress or Fullerton College and will receive a grade or a “W” at the end of the current semester (either fall or spring). Continuing students will receive a registration reminder by email. For registration procedures, refer to the Continuing Student Registration Schedule in the Schedule of Classes.
  • SPECIAL ADMIT STUDENTS (formerly Bridge students) are those enrolled in K-12 and must submit an online Application for Admission and a Special Admit Form. A new Special Admit Form must be completed and submitted each semester before you are permitted to register.

Before you Register

Refer to your registration email or the Continuing Student Registration Schedule in the Schedule of Classes to ensure you are registering on or after your assigned appointment time during myGateway registration hours.

  • Clear any outstanding fees or holds.
  • Get counselor clearance for math, English or reading classes.
  • Make sure the Admissions and Records Office has your correct name, personal and email addresses and phone numbers.
  • Use the Class Planning Sheet in the Resource Guide or Program Mapper or your student education plan (SEP) in DegreeWorks to prepare your tentative schedule.
  • Verify financial aid eligibility for fee assistance.

On your Registration Appointment Day

Complete the myGateway Registration Worksheet in the Schedule of Classes and follow the prompts given by myGateway. Hours for myGateway can be found on the myGateway Registration Worksheet.

Adding Classes

Providing prerequisites have been cleared by a counselor, and class seats are available, classes can be added during myGateway registration. After registration is closed, students must obtain a four-digit Add Code from the instructor of the class(es) they wish to add. See the How to Add/Drop a Class in this Schedule of Classes for further instructions.

Petitioning Closed Classes

You may petition closed classes by attending the first class meeting. If space permits, the instructor will issue a four-digit Add Code. You must access myGateway and add the class using the Add Code. You are not officially registered (even if your instructor writes your name on the class roster) until you have added the class and paid all fees through myGateway.

Dropping Classes

While an instructor may drop a student who has poor attendance, it is the student’s responsibility to officially withdraw when unable to continue the class. Students who wish to drop a class or withdraw from the college must drop the class(es) using myGateway. Refer to the deadlines listed in the Schedule of Classes. See How to Add/Drop a Class in the Class Schedule Resource Guide (p. 6) for further instructions.

The neglect of any course in which you are enrolled may result in no credit earned for the course and/or a substandard grade posted on your permanent student record.

Canceled Classes

A canceled class means that the college is unable to offer the class, and reserves the right to cancel any class at its discretion. Select alternate classes and list them on your worksheet in case any of your classes are canceled.

Concurrent Enrollment

Register for both the lecture and lab classes when both are required. Register for the lecture, lab and problem solving classes when all three are required.

Course Repetition

A student may not register in a class if a passing grade has previously been received or the maximum number of repetitions allowed have been completed. For additional information, refer to Academic/College Policies Affecting Students in the Schedule of Classes.

Email and Address Changes

Maximum Units/Hours

A maximum unit load for any student is 19 units and 12 units qualifies as full-time enrollment. A student may carry over 19 units only with counselor approval.

Time Conflicts

The myGateway system will not allow you to register for two classes which are scheduled during the same time period.

Parking Permit

Use of Cypress College’s general parking lots requires a parking fee. In lieu of a physical parking permit, the College uses a virtual parking system. Students and guests purchase virtual permits online. After purchasing a parking permit, students and guests must register their vehicle license plate number to activate the virtual parking permit. Those who purchase semester-length permits may change vehicle license plate numbers online at any time using the website. Day-use vehicle registration is available at kiosks on campus. Physical parking passes are not issued to students or guests.

Note: Students who pay the optional parking fee must register their vehicle license plate to park on campus. Failure to register will result in a parking citation. The parking fee is valid in all student parking lots at Cypress College, Fullerton College and our Anaheim Campus. Public Safety will ticket for not student permit beginning the second week of the term.


The Schedule/Bill includes a list of your classes, fees and payments.  You may use myGateway throughout the term to check, review or print your schedule.  Offices may request you to present the Schedule/Bill prior to providing you services.