Faculty, Staff Recognized for Contributions to Cypress College Students

Cypress College faculty member Richard McKnight (left) and staff member Roy Hurtado (right) are recognized by Cypress College President Dr. Bob Simpson on Wednesday, May 6, 2015, for their 40 years of service to the campus and the College’s students.

Cypress College recognized the contributions of campus employees on Wednesday as part of the annual End of the Year Luau. The event is a celebration of this year’s retirees and a recognition of employees reaching milestones in their employment. The Luau also coincides with two wider celebrations: Teacher Appreciation Week, which is observed May 4-8, and Classified School Employee Week, celebrated May 17-23.

A large number of Cypress College employees were recognized at the Luau.

Shirley Ashburn, Paul Baca, Robert Burson, Hong Chi, Virginia Derakhshanian, Michele Dugan, Regina Ford, Cathy Franklin, Donna Gibson, Carol Green, Brett Harrington, Pat Humpres, Michael Johnson, Kathy Llanos, Nancy Miller, Carol O’Brien, and Antonio Fernando Oliviera. Read about each of the retirees here.

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Assemblywoman Young Kim provided resolutions recognizing Cypress College employees for milestones in their employment and in recognition of new retirees.

Employees reaching 25 years of service:
Stephanie Acosta, Kelly Carter, Penny Gabourie, Robert Grantham, Susana Jianto, Victor Jimenez, Patty Kishel, Kathy Llanos, Aggie Martinez, Jose Siordia, Pablo Trinidad, and Eldon Young.

Other employees reaching service milestones are listed below, by the number of years of employment in the District.

5 Years:
Maha Afra, Kendra Contreras, Michael Frianeza, Craig Goralski, Roberta Lawrence, Michelle Palmisano, Joyce Peacock, Shajith Ratnapala, and Stephanie Rosati.

10 Years:
Meg Alton, Michelle Bandak, Lela Beck, Sujata Chiplunkar, Becky Floyd, Catherine Franklin, Mike Frey, Janet Fujimoto, Farid Gesri, Edward Giardina, Tracey Heine, Stacey Howard, Rhonda Kraft, Della Lopez, Sal Martinez, Denise Medina-Bernstein, Barbara Meyer, Miguel Rodriguez, Nahid Salkovieh, Dee Ann Sato, Laura Stephens, Samuelu Vaeoso, Zifeng Xie, and Brandy Young.

15 Years:
Virgil Adams, Karen Cant, Victoria Castle-Donovetsky, Lisa Clark, Yvonne Cota, Susan Davis, Cherie Dickey, Christie Diep, Dao Do, Temperence Dowdle, Arcelia Dropulic, Richard Fee, Michael Flores, Mary Lou Ford, David Halahmy, Sarah Jones, Barbara Kashi, Kathleen McAlister, David Nusbaum, Mary Odebunmi, John Payne, Marc Posner, Elizabeth Putman, Kathleen Reiland, Douglas Sallade, Dawn Sontag, Renee Ssensalo, Wendy Valencia, Thu Hang Vo, and Nancy Welliver.

20 Years:
Donna Landis, Randy Martinez, David Okawa, Theresa Tracy, and Manuel Verdugo.

30 Years:
Steven Banneck, Colleen Barger, Marlene Courtney, David Gibson, Velia Lawson, Barbara Marshall, Scott Pickler, Christina Plett, and Scott Tucker.

35 Years:
Deann Burch, Rodney Lusch, and Therese Mosqueda-Ponce.

40 Years:
Roy Hurtado and Richard McKnight.

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