FAQ: Tips for a Great Start to the Fall Semester

Cypress College Hosts High School Senior Day

Cypress College classes begin on Monday, August 24. To welcome you back and help get your semester off to a great start, here is some helpful information:

Your First Day

On the first day of classes, please plan to arrive early. Parking can be congested and you’ll also want to be certain to arrive on time for your classes. It is very important not to miss the first class meeting. Also, please note that if your class is not scheduled to meet on Mondays, you do not need to attend on the first Monday of the semester.

We’re Here to Help

Our new Student Ambassadors will be out in force to help you get answers and find your way.

Parking Grace Period

There is a two-week grace period for parking-permit enforcement at the start of the Fall 2015 semester. This grace period extends from August 24 through September 8, 2015. Officers will enforce all other parking violations during this grace period.

Parking Permits and Student ID Cards

Students who have already purchased a parking permit and/or a Student ID card will receive these items in the mail. If you do not receive them by the end of the first week, you will want to pick the items up in Line B, on the first floor of the Student Center. To have your photo ID made, you will need to bring the semester sticker, your “schedule bill” printout, and a valid picture ID to the Photo ID center, which is also on the first floor of the Student Center.

Petitioning, Waitlists, and Authorization Codes

If you’re attempting to add a class and myGateway asks for an add authorization code, it means the class is full or is not available for registration because it has already begun (or is about to begin). Distribution of these codes is at the discretion of the faculty member, and is generally done on the first day of classes. If a waitlist is available for a full class, you should be given the option to add to it.

When you are on a waitlist (or waitlists), we strongly encourage you to check your myGateway messages channel on a regular basis. If a spot opens up for you, a notification will appear in your messages. We’ll also attempt to send you an email. However, some providers (ahem, Yahoo!) aggressively block email from cypresscollege.edu and nocccd.edu.

Waitlists expire at midnight on the day the class begins. That means that on the first day a class meets, there’s no longer a waitlist. Instead, the list is included in priority order on the instructor’s roster as a tool to help faculty with the petition process. So, if you’re on a waitlist, you’ll need to attend the first class meeting in hopes of obtaining an add code. Likewise, if you’re petitioning a class, you’ll want to arrive early to the first class meeting. Since your name isn’t on the roster or the waitlist, you’ll want to let the instructor know before class that you’re petitioning.

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