Angel’s Top 10 Tuesday

Angel Garcia AS

Hi Cypress Chargers! My name is Angel Garcia, and I am both the AS President and a Student Ambassador of Cypress College.

As a student here for the past three years, I want to let you all know about some of my recommendations – ranging from my favorite professors to my favorite local places to eat.

Along with posting “Angel’s Top 10 Tuesday” list, I also have an exclusive hour on the Cypress College Twitter! Use the #AskAngel hashtag and ask me any questions you may have from 4–5 p.m. every Tuesday!

1.     Because spring registration is just around the corner, I’ll begin my list with my favorite classes and professors here at Cypress College.

One of my favorite professors is Daniel Lind, and the class I took with him was ETHS 101: Ethnic Studies. It was truly an eye-opening class that taught me more about history than my entire four years of high school! While it was difficult, I was (and currently am) passionate about the subject and Professor Lind’s charisma and enthusiasm motivated me to work hard. Additionally, it qualifies for the cultural diversity requirement (if you are looking to graduate) AND the social science requirement (CSU/UC General Ed).

Another class I enjoyed taking that was not as difficult, was COMM 100: Human Communications (CSU/UC General Ed). Public speaking is something I am already comfortable with, but if I weren’t — David Kensinger is an awesome professor! He makes it known that he is there for you, and he gives great feedback that will definitely help with your speeches.


2.     Believe me, I know we are all hungry college students looking to get some quick, cheap grub to eat in between classes. Here are my top favorite fast food joints around the Cypress area!

Wok Express is by far my favorite place ever, besides maybe Disneyland. Imagine Panda Express — but better quality, bigger portions, and a cheaper price. It’s actually inside a Food 4 Less on Beach and Katella, so not many people know about this wonderful restaurant!

Another great joint is Five Guys (my favorite location is on Knott and Katella)! While it is a bit pricier than other burger places, the quality of everything is worth it (way better than In-N-Out!). They recently added milkshakes to their menus, which is a must try — as well as their Cajun fries.

Next Tuesday, I will move on to number 3 of the list: my favorite places to shop! Don’t forget to check out #AskAngel on the Cypress College Twitter from 4–5 p.m. on Tuesdays!

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