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Cypress College has a variety of programs and other opportunities available to help you succeed here and get you to where you want to go. Several of these are taking applications now or are otherwise available for you to get involved. These include learning communities, support in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), and leadership opportunities in the Associated Students.

Puente Program

Puente ppLearning Community

Puente provides students skills and information needed to succeed while exploring Latino culture, through linked classes (English 60/Counseling 150 in Fall and English 100/Counseling 160 in Spring). Outside classes, community, and peer mentors work with Puente students to offer guidance, support, and encouragement. Puentistas also tour university and college campuses, and explore cultural experiences, (such as this picture at Olivera St. in Los Angeles).

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Legacy Program

IMG_3352Learning Community

Legacy is another Cypress learning community, providing students with a strong academic program and motivational support that promotes transfer to four-year institutions.  Legacy also has a English 60/Counseling 150 and English 100/Counseling 160 cycle, with an emphasis on the African-American experience in the United States. The program offers a variety of valuable resources and experiences to Legacy students.

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STEM (2) students tour SpaceX, March 2016.

STEM (2) students tour SpaceX, March 2016.

The  Sciences

The (STEM)2 program is designed to help students reach their potential by creating unique career, educational, scholarship and transfer opportunities that  aid future successes in the vital fields of science, technology engineering and mathematics. These include peer mentoring, one-on-one counseling sessions, workshops & guest speakers, summer research opportunities, and scholarships.


Apply: Click here for the (STEM)2 website

Associated Students

AS ElectionsLeadership and Advocacy

The Associated Students is the student government at the College, sponsoring events and activities on campus, advocating for students at the campus, district, and state level, and administering student funded programs. They currently have open positions on the AS Council for Senators, who work primarily on advocacy, and Activities Coordinators, who focus mostly on events on campus.

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For the Puente and Legacy Programs, act quickly! As these programs involve classes that have started this week, you will need to connect quickly with these programs if you want to join. The deadline for (STEM)2 has been extended to September 2. Programs such as these are what help our students transfer to universities such as Cal State Long Beach, UCLA, Cal, and USC, so give yourself a leg up and get involved today!

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