Caring Campus Provides Midterm Resources to Students

Pond in background with table with resource items on it

On March 19 and 20, Caring Campus members provided resources to nearly 300 students as they headed into midterms. The group, which is comprised of classified employees committed to student success, distributed the materials near the pond on both days. Students were offered sharpened pencils, blue books, scantrons, folders, hand sanitizers, fidget poppers, bookmarks, notepads, and sticky notes, and were encouraged to take what — and however much — they needed. Cypress College-branded grocery bags and Hershey Kisses were also handed out.

Not only did students express appreciation for these items (especially the scantrons), they were also appreciative of the face-to-face interactions they received. The employees working at the giveaway tables felt that same appreciation — it was an added value to both staff and students that was missing during the pandemic.

To help continue providing value to students’ time at Cypress College, Caring Campus members encouraged students to complete a brief survey to assess their experience here and ways that classified employees could better support them on their educational journey.

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