Guided Pathways Steering Committee

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Chairs: Liana Koeppel and Brady Miller-Wakeham
Chair Contact:
Chair Contact:
Meeting Dates: 4th Wednesday of the month
Meeting Time: 3–4 p.m.
Meeting Location: Zoom


The purpose of the Guided Pathways Steering Committee is to guide the campus efforts in the Guided Pathways work.

Reporting Relationships

The Guided Pathways Steering Committee is a campus committee that makes recommendations to the president through the shared governance process.

The GP Steering Committee has one sub-committee: Caring Campus.

Membership Composition

The Guided Pathways Steering Committee membership composition is as follows:

Voting Members

  • Faculty Co-Chair, Guided Pathways Faculty Chair, Faculty
  • Manager Co-Chair, Guided Pathways Director, Administration
  • President, Administration
  • Vice President of Instruction, Administration
  • Vice President Student Services, Administration
  • Director of Institutional Research and Planning, Administration
  • Office of Campus Communications representative, Office of CC
  • Academic Senate President or Designee, Faculty
  • Title V Faculty Representative, Faculty
  • Adjunct Faculty Representative, Adjunct Faculty
  • Classified Senate Representative, Classified
  • Guided Pathways Admin, Classified
  • SEA Representative, SEA Committee
  • Counseling Representative, Counseling
  • Dean Representative, Deans

Non-Voting Resource Members

  • Student Representative, Students
  • Title V Peer and Data Coaches, Faculty
  • Researchers, Office of IRP
  • Financial Aid Representative, Office of Financial Aid
  • Caring Campus Representative, Caring Campus
  • Dual Enrollment Representative, Dual Enrollment
  • Curriculum Chair, Curriculum Committee
  • Distance Education Representative, Distance Education Committee

Current Membership

The Guided Pathways Steering Committee members are:

Voting Members:

Scott ThayerPresident
Liana KoeppelFaculty Co-Chair
Brady Miller-WakehamManager Co-Chair
Bryan VenturaInstitutional Research & Planning
Samreen ManjraTitle V Faculty Rep
Kathleen ReilandVPI
Paul de DiosVPSS
Kathleen McAlisterAcademic Senate President/Rep
Christy MontenegroClassified Senate Rep
Marc PosnerCommunications Office
Diana DomingoGuided Pathways Admin
Brooke CampbellAdjunct Faculty Rep
Troy DavisCounseling Rep
Janet VeraDean’s Rep
Romeo GarciaSEA Rep

Non-Voting Members:

Lauryn CapulongStudent
Title V Peer Coaches
Title V Data Coaches
Eileen Haddad & Kristina OganesianResearchers
Gabriela De La CruzFinancial Aid Rep
Belinda Allan & Cari JorgensenCaring Campus Reps
Stephanie TeerDual Enrollment
Joyce PeacockCurriculum Chair
Treisa Cassens/Samantha SimmonsDistance Education

Terms of Membership

The Guided Pathways Steering Committee membership terms are:

  • Faculty Chair serves three-year term open to unlimited renewal.
  • Manager Co-Chair is subject to continuation of their position as Director of Guided Pathways.
  • Member terms are subject to the continuation of their position.
  • Member term length is subject to the parameters established by their constituency.