Automotive Technology

The automobile engine will come, and then I will consider my life’s work complete.

– Rudolf Diesel

The Cypress College Automotive Technology Department is here to help you get started in your automotive career. Our instructors are qualified to teach in their specialty areas and are National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Master Technician Certified. We are a National Automobile Technician Education Foundation (NATEF) certified program affiliated with the Toyota Training and Education Network (T-TEN).

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The demand for automotive technicians is high and if you train with us you’ll have an excellent opportunity for career placement.

Student working on a car

What You’ll Study
  • Automotive Technology Special Projects
  • Technician Safety
  • Survey of the Automobile
  • Automotive History
  • Automotive Tech Repair Lab
  • Automotive Electrical
  • Toyota Automotive Technology
  • Automotive Technology
  • Automotive Quick Service
  • Toyota Electrical Systems
  • Automotive Air Conditioning
  • Auto Engine Repair/Machining
  • Auto Engine Mechanical Concept
  • Auto Chassis and Brake Systems
  • Auto Drivetrains/Transmissions
  • T-TEN Drivetrain and Transmissions
  • Auto Performance and Driveability
  • Clean Air Car
  • Automotive Service Advisor
  • Electronic and Electrical Diagnostics
  • Toyota Portfolio
  • Toyota Professional Series
  • ASE Test Prep
  • Engine Blueprinting
  • Alignment and Chassis
  • Alternative Fuels
  • Electric-Hybrid Vehicles
  • Hybrid Vehicle Maintenance
  • Automotive Internship
  • Automotive Service Seminar

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Careers & Salary


  • Automotive Service Technician and Mechanic
  • Electronic Equipment Installer and Repairer, Motor Vehicles


  • Low: $22k–50k
  • Average: $36k–65k
  • High: $73k–$100k+

Program Mapper

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What Students Say

“The biggest influences lie upon Mike Klyde and Paul Kelley. The support and dedication that these two invest into T-TEN and the students is amazing. They helped guide me at every step of the way.”

Kourosh Shirazi

“It all started with a simple Google search of local schools in my area. Once I saw the T-TEN, Toyota’s Technician Training & Education Network, automotive technician training program at Cypress College, it was love at first sight. Looking through Google images, the state-of-the art and hands-on education alongside the greenest grass I have seen on this beautiful Southern California campus, made the decision to attend Cypress College an easy one.”

Junnior Rodriguez

Adjunct Faculty
  • Kurt Beu
  • Richard Donia
  • David Endo
  • Jacob Hamrick
  • Manuel Patron
  • Rodrigo Rivera
  • Charles Shaw
Automotive Technology Department

Location: Tech Ed I, Rooms 104-107
T: (714) 484-7245
Department Chair: Marty Orozco,