Theater Arts

I regard the theater as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being.

― Oscar Wilde
Students acting on stage

The Cypress College Theater Department offers a full range of classes for students interested in transfer or vocational pursuits in acting, musical theater, theatrical design or technical theater, as well as producing two plays and two musicals each year. Our production program is supported by our 580-seat Campus Theater, an intimate Studio Theater, and an acting for film and television classroom.

Our faculty provide a disciplined, practical and supportive environment where you can cultivate and advance your skills and pursue an AS degree in Theater Production, AA degree in Performance, an AA-T degree in Theatre Arts which provides a path to guaranteed admission as a junior-year transfer student at one of California’s CSU campuses, as well as certificates in Costume/Makeup Design, Lighting/Audio Design, Musical Theater, Acting & Film Production, or Technical Theater.

What You’ll Study
  • Theater
  • Play Analysis
  • World Theater History
  • Diversity in American Theater
  • Stage and Screenwriting
  • Acting
  • Acting Workshop
  • Dynamic Movement for the Stage
  • Musical Theater Techniques
  • Musical Theater Performance
  • Summer Musical Theater Workshop
  • Summer Theater Workshop
  • Acting for the Camera
  • Voice and Diction
  • Rehearsal Performance
  • Auditions for Theater/Film
  • Theater Design
  • Theater Sound and Recording
  • Stagecraft
  • Lighting Design Fundamentals
  • Fundamentals of Costume Design
  • Scene Painting
  • Stage Makeup
  • Production Techniques
  • Stage Crew Running
  • Stage Crew Production Preparation
  • Stage Crew Costume/Makeup
  • Stage Crew House-Box Office
  • Directing for the Theater
  • Directing Actors for Film and TV
  • Experimental Theater
  • Prosthetic Makeup

Visit our catalog for more information about the degrees and certificates, courses, and program learning outcomes for students majoring in Theater.

Careers & Salary


  • Actor
  • Teacher, Postsecondary
  • Entertainer
  • Performer
  • Producer
  • Director


  • Low: $18k
  • Average: $63k
  • High: $208k+

Program Mapper

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Adjunct Faculty
  • Marcella Alberti
  • George Allen
  • Keenah Armitage
  • Doug Cooney
  • Jamal Douglas
  • Shaylene Garber
  • Raymond Gibson
  • Paul Hadobas
  • Michael Kirby
  • Bradley Lock
  • Cailin Luneburg
  • Beckett Ogden
  • Jenna Riley
  • Arthur Ross
Theater Arts Department

Location: Campus Theater, Room 222
T: (714) 484-7201
Department Chair: Jim Hormel,